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“This Little Piggy…”


Of our stories this week, few generated as much offline reader response as Lafayette’s effort to control its feral pig population:


Re: Lafayette’s Pig Problem – Step 1, Place bounty on said pigs. Step 2, Open season on said porkers to local hunters. Step 3, Offer byproducts of hunting effort to the hungry, any interested local restaurant – I suggest “Pigs in the blanket,” a personal favorite. Step 4, No more wild pig problem.

Allan Iverson/Walnut Creek


Regarding your story “Lafayette Takes A Stand Against Its Feral Pigs” I offer a review. Some wild pigs, who mostly come out at night and haven’t hurt a single soul, root up a soccer field and the citizenry begins to howl. “Where will the kids play? O Woe, quelle horreur!

The solution? Bring in a “trapper” so everyone will feel better about it but really just kill the pigs. Again. The way we did wolves and beaver and bear. Trapping sounds better than kill.

Kimberly Sanchez-Coe/Martinez


Where is Gary Larson when we need him?

I think we could all use a good laugh right now. We’re taking this all much too seriously.

Robert Corden/Lafayette


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