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Letters: Anti-Theft Measures Changing The Look And Feel Of Local Stores?


To the Editor;

On Sunday I went to Safeway on Contra Costa Boulevard and I was so uncomfortable. I felt like I was trapped in a cage. Have you been there, did you feel uncomfortable too?

I understand that there is a theft problem, but once I was inside I couldn’t get back out to grab a shopping cart (I decided to buy more than a handbasket could carry) without setting off an alarm or asking an employee to get one for me.

In the case of an emergency the fences would trap people who weren’t strong enough to push or pry them open, like the elderly, handicapped or children. There are gates that can be opened if you can find one and push it open. They even had big signs on metal forms blocking the main exits that had lighted signage over them.

I don’t blame the employees or store managers, they are only doing what corporate wants them to do to keep their job.

I’d much rather have the product locked up than feel like I was being locked up.

Jenn from Martinez


  1. Interesting. I don’t know the store you mention but I know that are all being hit hard by thieves and a certain amount of overreacting on the part of the stores was to be expected.

  2. Is it the one near Nordstrom Rack? I agree, it is a bit constricting shopping there. We need to get tougher on crime and hopefully overturn Prop 47. The store is just doing what is neccesary when they are overun by unchecked shoplifters.

    • Yes
      That one has all that.
      Maybe the one by nations does too
      I haven’t been in that one in a long time.
      If I go to Safeway I prefer the one at ygnacio & oak grove but I do go to the sun valley one

  3. A few years ago the “new” grocery store on Monument shut down soon after opening due (I heard) to excessive theft. Now it’s a Ross or something. I guess this is the alternative.

  4. I was just there today and I love it. I have been at the door twice when thiefs ran by with full carts – it used to have sketchy people hanging out front. No more. I’m glad they are taking measures and not just leaving the community..

  5. Either we restrict the offenders movements by means of a long term cage or we all deal with cages that restrict all of our movements, both literally and figuratively Their liberties vs ours, think about this for a minute!

      • That’s largely inaccurate. The top 10 cities with the highest crime rate in the United States are 80% Republican. Only 2 out of those 10 cities are Democrat run, so either Republicans are soft on crime or Corporate Greed is the underlying cause and Government Policies have nothing to do with it.

        • That’s laughable, where did you get your crime stats? Cities and states with the worst crime are all Democrat controlled.

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