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School Threats Continue – Latest Today At Lafayette’s Stanley School


The unwelcome rash of anonymous threats against local schools appears to be continuing unabated, with students and parents reeling from the latest hint to “shoot up” a local school in Lafayette.

Parents with children at Stanley Middle School received an explanatory letter from Principal Brian Mangold Monday confirming reports that a student had threatened to bring weapons to the campus for use in a school shooting.

School administrators said they “took action” to determine the legitimacy of the reports and, working with local police, determined there was “no credible safety risk to the school.”

“The Stanley administrative team will continue to look into these reports tomorrow – what was said, who said it, and who heard what was said,” Mangold wrote. “We will continue to work closely with the Lafayette Police, as well as district administrators to determine what steps, if any, are appropriate based on the facts we collect.”

On Tuesday, school officials placed Iron Horse Middle School in San Ramon on lockdown after police responded to a “suspicious circumstance” at the school. The precise nature of the incident was not immediately divulged and the school was eventually taken off lockdown though gates were locked and no one was allowed in.


  1. Why do e just now get info when it was so long ago. I live in Lafayette and no nixel alert or anything took place and I own a daycare less than a mile away. This is unacceptable!

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