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Letter: So Much Riding On November Election


To The Editor;

As children of European immigrants who regarded America as a beacon of hope and light, my husband and I have grown increasingly concerned with the current state of politics in our chosen homeland.

For months we have watched what we believe to be a far-right, authoritarian, ultranationalist political ideology and movement return to the swastika and other symbols of right wing extremism and align itself behind a man of questionable intellect whose sole achievement appears to be that he appeared on a cheesy reality television show.

Our parents instilled in us a sense of what it was like to have an authoritarian figure – no matter how cartoonish he may appear – to assume a position of unquestioned power. We hope our fellow citizens are aware of the lessons parents, grandparents and history impressed upon us but lately we are not so certain.

We are hoping that if our countrymen are not aware of our past that they educate themselves before it is too late. There are plans being made that could change the way we all live our lives going forward.

James and Elise Rinehardt/Walnut Creek


  1. Anyone who believes that any politician, let alone a savvy operator, went on national TV and praised neo-Nazis has been tricked and needs to look at less biased news sources. That particular hoax becomes obvious if you watch the entire exchange, or at least 60 seconds of it.

    Right wingers have their hoaxes too, including one about aborting healthy full term babies. Use your brain to reject impossible claims. If a political story seems incredible it’s not true. Just do a search after adding the word debunked.

    Also, if you hear a dog whistle, you’re the dog. It’s called confirmation bias. We can’t completely avoid it, but we can try.

    • Love, we are not old enough to relive it, but we are reliving the echo of it. 1933. Hitler is appointed Chancellor, and he knows what to do with it.

    • California will be 70/30 Biden, regardless of the talking points, crime, border, two wars, unaffordable housing prices for all of lamorindas kids. Appreciate the letter but I mean come on. Any other prediction is pretty delusional.

        • I would say fortunately. Most people don’t understand that the beauty of the electoral college is having to appeal to a wide variety of people. Hopefully this could make us more pragmatic in the approach to the executive branch.

          I think a much bigger talking point in the next election if the republicans lose will be the removal of non citizens from the apportionment counts for the electoral college and the congress.

          Currently hr7109 is heading to the senate which addresses this issue and would heavily favor a republican presidency and congress in the future.

          • 18 senators represent more than 50% of the population and 32 senators represent less half. Who do you think is running this shit show? Wyoming, North and South Dakota? This isn’t a democracy. This is an unsustainablecrazy!

  2. Thank you for a thoughtful letter. I believe over the long term that our Constitution and the will of the American people will always overcome our darkest days even when we are in the middle of it, as we are now with national disunity. ~25% of registered voters are “double haters” who dislike and don’t want to vote for either candidate. This is a historic high that will hopefully lead to Americans demanding a new era of candidates with better character, authentic leadership skills and not the next in line establishment geezer.

  3. Elise & James…
    Your history is very similar to ours as we came from Europe. However we actually see the opposite side of what your suspicious of as being the threat to our country and the world.
    We have seen during the current presidency that the world is on fire and more dangerous than ever, andvatv home were suffering economically and fearful of out of control crime.
    Whilebwe all know who the big mouth in the room, is I’ve got to admit that things were better off when he was president. We will probably vote for him this time with full confidence. And, I do have to say, that it does sound like you’re watching a certain news network that is totally slanting things and fear mongering against anyone who has traditional Americsn values. I’m one of those yet people like me and others that share the view have been painted as we’re awful hateful intolerant people. Absolutely not true. I actually see the intolerance coming from the supposedly tolerant people.

    • Don’t really care about the other side and don’t know which channel they think we watch but I’ve done my research and I know who I’m voting for. And the authors are right, there is a lot riding on this election.

    • Oh, oh. I remember a global pandemic where more than a million Americans died, and bleaching the lungs and other quack remedies didn’t save us at any time of day no matter what the President recommended. Was that worserer?

  4. One guy is too old, the other guy is too old and too crazy, along with now being a convicted felon who illegally conspired to overturn the 2020 election, and he still won’t admit he lost.

    Remember the fake electors? Remember the phone call to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger asking him to find 11,780 votes? Remember the pressure put on Mike Pence? Remember Jan. 6th?

    Too bad we likely won’t see the other trials before the election. You can thank Aileen Cannon for that.

    I wish we had other choices, but I’ll be voting for the guy who is just too old, the other guy is just too dangerous.

    PS – there should be age limits on running for president.

  5. Looking forward to exercising my right as a citizen in November. Looking forward to moving FORWARD as a nation. Good letter.

  6. James and Elise,

    You’re not ill-informed, you’re not intolerant, and you’re not imagining any of this. I won’t waste anyone’s time trying to convince people who disagree. I figure the least I can do is comment to try to offset some of the other voices and not be silent and invisible.

  7. Let’s not go back to 1864 when women were chattel.
    Break the spell. See what is in front of you and reject the crazy Mousseolini.

  8. Joe Biden is old. So is TFG. The difference between them is clear: TFG Is a liar, con man and thief with allegiance to the AlmightyDollar – not to the country. I know who I’m voting for.

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