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Thieves Strike At San Ramon Ulta Store Saturday; $17,000 In Merchandise Taken


Thieves struck the Ulta Beauty location in Magnolia Square Saturday, making off with an estimated $17,000 in cash and merchandise and leading San Ramon police on a brief chase before fleeing town.

There were no reports of injuries during the robbery or resultant pursuit, the culprits fleeing the area in a red or burgundy Dodge Caravan with paper plates and jettisoning packaging out the window of their car as they fled.

The incident was reported at approximately 1:30 p.m. At least two, and possibly more, suspects were believed responsible, with witnesses describing them as a Hispanic male in “baggy pants,” and three black males in the car.

San Ramon police terminated their pursuit after the suspect vehicle fled south on I680.


    • We do appear to be in a cycle, Alex, yes. The police are catching quite a few but there are many crews at work out there and some stores are wary of prosecuting shoplifters. So, we fear you may be right…

  1. Thank you to our politicians who choose to go light on crime…and thank you to all that voted for them and for Prop 47!

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