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Fire Burns Through Apartment In San Ramon Tuesday; 2 Escape Flames – One Cut Climbing Out Window

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An early-morning fire ripped through a two-story apartment on Canyon Village Circle in San Ramon Tuesday, two male residents suffering injuries ranging from burns to lacerations in their effort to escape the flames.

The blaze was reported at 2512 Canyon Village Circle at approximately 5:55 a.m. One resident of the unit, an unidentified male, was found suffering from deep lacerations to his arms after jumping from the second floor window. A second occupant was transported to a local burn center for treatment of unspecified burn injuries.

Firefighters arrived at the complex and promptly evacuated adjacent residents and initiated rescue operations shortly after receiving a call of fire in the cluster of apartments. In all, about 30 firefighters responded to fight the fire, the cause of which remains under investigation.


  1. Thank god fire department jumped on it as fast as they did. Those apartments are really packed in there.

  2. It was myself and my girlfriend. I cut 8 nerves and 2 tendons and still looking at a long road to recovery in using my arms and hands again they’ll never be the same. We lost everything. Our lives were in there… story of us and what happened is on GoFundMe page your support would greatly be appreciated.. it won’t allow the link below

    The title to page “Help fire victims that lost everything”
    Teddy Brockie

  3. It still haunts me to this day and I still can’t use my arm.. ill never be the same again and it’s taken so much away from me, it was a fuse that blew out on our electric box to our unit. The apartment had problems that would never get addressed from maintenance.. the stove randomly turned on before, certain outlets we had to avoid because a mint electrical bolt would come out the wall and shock you for trying to use it. I’m so lucky to be alive and I didn’t bleed out.

    The fire department thought my fiance had all of her skin burned off because there was so much of my blood on her covering all of her body and face/neck area. I was woken up to her screaming bloody murder for air crying. When I got up. The fire was already so engulfed I couldn’t even see, I was dazed badly and my fiance grabbed my hand and tried leading us out the front door.. when we opened our bedroom door, the nightmare became so real and so scary I wouldn’t wish this upon my worse enemy. It’s ruined me. My arm is permanently numb with zero sensation and can not grip or even write anymore, as a man I feel like I lost my manhood not being able to do normal gentleman deeds for my woman anymore. It’s rough and still a battle for me, Thank God I have a true soul mate that’s always been there for me.

    But upon opening our bedroom door, the flames had taken the entire kitchen, dining, and living room area, I remember the singed feeling shutting my eyes automatically and such a heavy wave of flame and black smoke just remember being literally both being thrown in the air back into the room.. it felt like swallowing melted glass and sand and have glass and sand thrown so hard all over your body. We closed the bedroom door.. started covering the bottom of the door with clothes, it was so black we couldn’t see a foot in front of us or even see each other.. so I’ll never forget us crying thinking we’re going to burn alive just locking grasps onto each other. Our only way out was now gone.

    There was no fire extinguisher in our unit it was f#@cking outside.. across next to our neighbors front door, I can’t believe this complex had such a deadly escape option and we were left with nothing to even fight the fire, even if we had the extinguisher it wouldn’t of helped. Our smoke alarm didn’t work and we actually needed maintenance to put a new unit in because our alarm wouldn’t stop constantly beeping, so we didnt have it in, and the complex before the fire, decided to be negligent and left it at our front door 1 day with a note saying to put the new detector in ourselves and if we needed help to be patient and put a work order in as lots of other neighbors needed help to… well I had already done a work order so there’s countless things to list off at this effing place that puts them at fault. Including our window.

    So as we’re thinking we’re going to die, losing consciousness, I remember we crawled towards the window holding on to each other, both of us failing to get the window open!! It would not slide open!! And our screen never stayed in the window because our cat made that a possibility constantly leaning against the screen, and i noticed that there was a screen wedged in our window seal!! So our screen would always be by our storage closet on the first story, and we were ONCE AGAIN waiting for a new screen from maintenance, and i dont think they had 1 and the 1st story neighbor was a karen about absolutely everything, so im guessing she kept hassling the maintenance guy about looking at the screen by our storage closet and its an eye soar on her, and i think this maintenance guy was unfortunately so overwhelmed and overworked with no help, and quick thinking to get her to stop he must of jammed the screen where it did not belong in the window seal, putting the screen where the window slides into.. causing this deadly trapped fire hazard we got left in, and this maintenance guy did his best and was always nice, he took care of the complex with only 2 others. Him being the main person taking on all the day and night workload and emergency calls, he lives in the complex, but i think he did end up almost killing us by doing that to our window, and not telling us, so were struggling to open the window and i noticed the screen in a place it did not belong, and it was blocking our window from opening..crying our eyes out, panic has fully set in at this point in both of us. and without thinking I told my loved one we aren’t going to die, and to be ready when I get on the ground to jump and il be on the ground to catch her after I throw myself through the window, and I remember her saying “whatd you just say!?”” and without hesitation threw my body threw the window, throwing my body against the storage closet to break my fall from breaking any arms or legs, and it worked I was able to hit my body against the shed, I was outside, PURE ADRENALINE AT THIS POINT TO SAVE MY LOVED ONE,I guess I was bleeding out without knowing.

    Injuries: 12+cut life threatening lacerations, 10 cut nerves, 2 cut tendons from the top of the arm and the bottom of both arms. Broken forearm, and severe, severe smoke inhalation. So with these injuries upon landing. I got up and started screaming like no one’s ever heard a man scream for immediate help, screamed so loud, a fire squad on break heard me at a Safeway on their break shopping. I continued screaming and ran under the window, I couldn’t even see my fiance sitting halfway out the window with bright neon yellow leggings the smoke was so heavy and thick and black. I remember her handing me the cat, I caught our cat and watched it run off safely, and remembered my significant other was so terrified of jumping into my arms she just had breast surgery herself.. I kept on telling her to jump and hang her head down so I can see her face, ill never forget her looking at me in tears bawling her eyes out looking so scared, she had a look of death ill never forget it, I heard sirens, turned and saw firefighters running towards me with a ladder within 5 minutes I swear they got there SO FAST THOSE FIRE FIGHTERS I OWE MY LIFE TO IM FOREVER GRATEFUL!

    Losing my footing, and I felt so warm, and realized I was in a pool of my own blood, ill never forget looking up at the smoke bellowing out of the window screaming at ems that my girl is still in the window! And they didn’t understand me I must of been speaking jibberish.. but there was a neighbor there named kim, and that sweet soul of a woman did her best to make sure emergency got there and also got my fiance out. And when I saw the ladder go up the window and the fireman take her out alive, I looked at the smoke and saw a dark figure on the roof, and thought I died, everything went black once I thought I saved her. Lucky for me and her we both woke up in ICU a week later multiple emergency operations later, Dr. Dosangh saved my arm, I look like Frankenstein nowadays, but we both made it alive.. the complex has made it a living HELL for us. So unbelievable how unhuman these people were.

    When the fire department gave my dad the ok to go in the apartment and retrieve whatever is salvageable and told him it’s safe to walk in and they marked inside where not to step and roped off whatever to avoid walking on. And my dad got there to find the complex criminally robbed our salvaged personal items that DID make it.. and refused to let him go in.. not only that my dad went there the day after the fire and caught the complex criminally changing out the electrical unit sabotaging the fire departments investigation! Multiple different fire agencies investigated and could not conclude how it started! I couldnt believe they said our detector was working when it wasnt even in! So i dont know if that was laziness or what but they saved my life and my loved one so i didnt push the issue on the departments, lucky my dad took pictures of them changing the unit the day after, cause we caught them being criminal, and not only that they are thrives. This management should be absolutely ashamed of their selves.

    Also found out I was not the only person with problems with their negligence either. But I had items that were salvageable.. my only items..most important to me. I had a huge basketball and Michael Jordan collection. Took me over a decade… along with my girl she had her items that were important to her.. and they stole them. I’m disgusted with their actions, the news miserably reported on this calling us 2 males?never tried coming to even interview me or my fiance. I could go into how trash the treatment from San ramon police were but thats for another time, I never got any apology from them. I tried a gofundme to just fail and went into a deep depression, losing all that matters to you is very hard. But it gets better I like to think. That’s what happened.

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