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The Sunday Brumble


Chasing a few leads this morning. Trying to brighten the mood here in The News Bunker with something cheery but we haven’t found a really good FeelGood story – and we’re getting tips on the other kind of story, so we’re just going with the flow to see where things take us.

Several of you took time to check in recently and we thank you for that. This job gets so lonely…

Actually, the espresso machine is humming and there’s the promise of a Sourdough Scramble in our future – scrambled egg, fresh veggies over a sourdough muffin, side of fruit – so things are looking up in a small way, at least, in the near term.

We’re looking over our notes made during the week – casual observations and deep thoughts but nothing earthshaking to share, though we guess folks in Oregon did get shaken by a series of temblors off their coast this morning. And that always makes us sit up and take notice.

Closer to home we’re running down a report of a possible drowning incident in Pleasant Hill early this morning (1:44 a.m.) with life-saving measures taken after a woman in her 20s was found in a pool in the Camelback Apartments and extricated. She was taken to John Muir Hospital for treatment and we’re hoping for a happy ending there.

Much of the work week has been overshadowed by heavy smoke and fire and loss of life elsewhere in our state and we seem to be on our heels, with everything and everyone engaged and in the fight. Hearing that folks have been injured or killed is almost too much bear and can we just dial up a little rain or a more favorable wind to put an end to these firestorms? Perhaps a drum circle or something.

Locally, we don’t know, we’ve written about what’s happening to us on the local scene and it was a case of all that and more this past week. Repetition isn’t making it any easier to bear or understand so we’ll refrain. Suffice to say we’re here, and we’re listening to all of you.

Check in when you can. Hopefully, you’ll have some good news to share.


  1. Danger Will Robinson! Danger! When the Cascadia subduction zone subducks…head for higher ground and use your jetpack!

  2. I think you are right. I’m watching for the local homeless problem to reach critical levels. There’s going to be a fight or a fire if we keep going like this and then it’s going to get nasty. Watch.

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