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County Coroner: Moraga’s Armstrong Brothers Died Of Influenza


Brothers Gary and Richard Armstrong, found deceased inside a trailer on a secluded property not far from Moraga’s bustling shopping center January 15, died of influenza, deputies with the Coroner’s Division of the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office said Monday.

The two men were discovered together in a camper on the Moraga Ranch property behind School Street and Moraga Way. Although both subsequently tested positively for the flu virus the coroner’s office was awaiting the results of further tests before making a final determination as to cause.

Moraga Police Chief Jon King said both men had reportedly been ill for some time before they were discovered by a third party who found them together in the camper Gary Armstrong lived in on the secluded property.

Gary Armstrong was 67, and Richard Armstrong, 65.


  1. A sad reminder of what can happen when you’re at high for flu related complications, which includes people 65 and older. If you’re at high risk, see your doctor and start anti-viral medications. Most effective within two days of onset of illness.

  2. Wow, how sad. They were both relatively young. I wonder if they had a phone? Even if they did, I wonder if they would have used it to call someone for help. I am finding there are many people out there who are afraid to call 911 for help. Some of them are also afraid to see a doctor.

  3. I wonder if they had medical insurance. This is a very sad story. A reminder for us to encourage family members to seek timely medical support. A matter of public health concern.

    • @George – Good morning. We’ve had conflicting information regarding the status of care for the brothers and we’re hoping to pin that down.

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