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Pistol, Ballistic Armor, Narcotics, Bogus Money Recovered By San Ramon Police Thursday

A Rampant Colt, recovered from the streets of San Ramon. Photo: SRPD

We know many of you are opposed to depictions of weapons on our pages and we realize we’ve just back-to-backed images of a non-lethal Airsoft pistol recovered from a local school with a loaded .45 caliber recovered Thursday in San Ramon but we’re committed to reporting these things as they happen. And they are happening.

Photo: SRPD

San Ramon PD officer Wickman checked out a car near Omega Road and Beta Court yesterday – its operator apparently passed out in the driver’s seat – and asked for officer Molien and his four-legged partner Hector to provide a little backup during a search of the vehicle.

That search turned up a loaded .45 caliber pistol stashed between the driver seat and center console – and the officers couldn’t help but notice that the object of their interest also had a ballistic vest in the back seat. Intrigued by their initial discovery, drugs and even some counterfeit money were eventually located by the officers – and Hector.

No immediate explanation was given for why someone would need all that hardware on the streets of San Ramon and we do not have the driver’s name and hometown but we’re asking and we’ll update this piece when we get it.


  1. What the heck is going on in San Ramon these days? Seems like a lot more criminal elements lately (or maybe reporting has just gotten more thorough?)

    • @RIF – The LEOs have been busy down there, it’s true, but they’re by no means the only local ville to see trouble in River City. We’re interested in things others may not be and we do report on what we see as significant events so your “more thorough” thought may be on the mark. But we’ll also say that a lot of things we’re getting told about aren’t making our pages because we can’t immediately confirm certain elements or because other conditions prevail. But if it’s news, we’re on it.

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