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Chow, Baby – Lafayette Hotspot Loses Its Safe To Burglars


Lafayette police have had a pretty good run of luck of late, recently citing sharp declines in residential burglaries and other crime stats that normally turn a police officer’s hair prematurely grey. But during the lull it seems the inmates were quietly digging.

It wasn’t a “tunnel job,” the thieves excavating a shaft to their intended target and popping up like garden moles to plunder the vault from within, but it was close as someone got inside the popular Chow restaurant’s office this week and, we’re told, looted it.

Police confirmed the strike at 53 Lafayette Circle, but said the investigation is underway and that certain evidence was being collected. The crime may be the second of its type to hit a commercial business in the area – we’re checking on that, too.

At this stage we’re not sure if this was a safe “cracking” conducted on scene, or a safe “plucking,” with the thief or thieves making of with the box to crack it in the safety and comfort of their own lair.

We’ll see. Rumblings of the crime surfaced yesterday when patrons began to talk about a police presence at the neighborhood hangout.


  1. they must not have seen that breaking bad episode where the tweakers are trying crack an ATM machine they stole when it falls on one of them.

    • @MarynJoe – (Great restaurant if you’re affiliated with that!) But relative to personal data being compromised in this theft we cannot say definitively as investigators are playing their cards close to the vest.

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