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Martinez Men Arrested In Police Sting; Cervelo Bikes Stolen In Danville Burglary

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Two Martinez men are in custody after having been found to be in possession of property stolen in a weekend residential burglary in Danville.

According to Police Chief Steve Simpkins, a residential burglary was reported May 27, 2017 on Tunbridge Rd. Several items were taken in the burglary including two high-end Cervelo road bikes and a wallet.

Detectives learned that a credit card taken in the burglary was used at a McDonald’s restaurant in Pleasant Hill. Police later learned that an individual was attempting to sell a Cervelo cycle. Detectives set up a sting to purchase the cycle, which led to the arrests of Nicholas Paras, 34, Martinez and Dario Gusman, 29, Martinez on Sunday, May 28, 2017.

Paras is charged with possession of stolen property and probation violation. Gusman is charged with possession of stolen property and identity theft.  Both were transported to the Martinez Detention Facility.

“I’m very pleased we were able to resolve this quickly and return the bikes to the victims,” said Chief Simpkins. “The combination of good detective work and a solid partnership with the community helped us get two criminals off the streets.”


  1. Just one Cervelo should put these guys above the $950 shoplifting charge and it’s reduced misdemeanor status. Good for them.

  2. Thank you Danville Police!!!
    It’s a shame that nice areas like Lamorinda , Alamo and Danville are now being invaded by thugs coming from the low areas to plunder. I guess they feel entitled to do that rather than working hard and being responsible like most of citizens in the better areas that their picking on.

  3. Greg T – most folks in Martinez work harder, have more to overcome and are just as responsible as those in your “better areas”. I have lived in your “better area” (currently) and your “low area” (previously) and I can tell you there is no improvement in the quality of the people.

  4. I agree with Brian. Nobody is any better. Some people are just better off. There are homeowners and renters in all areas, and we’re all the same. We’re members of the human race.

    I’m glad they got their bikes back. I believe the stings are done on Craigslist.

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