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Friday Morning Police Pursuit Through Lamorinda Ends In Orinda Crash; Two Arrested

Photo: Zach Hodges

Two people were arrested after a morning police pursuit ended in a crash on westbound Highway 24 approaching the Wilder exit, startled residents contacting this site as the latest incident to rock the 24/680 unfolded.

Police fell in behind a black Lexus with paper plates cruising the area of Mt. Diablo at Dewing in Lafayette, continuing on to westbound Highway 24 at around 8:40 a.m. The car, with two people aboard, apparently took evasive action at speeds upwards of 100mph, passing cars on the shoulder as it sped westward.

The chase came to a grinding halt when the Lexus crashed on Highway 24 in Orinda. No other cars were involved in that crash. The occupants of the Lexus were briefly spotted running through the BART parking lot and into the surrounding area as police swept into the area.

Orinda Police Chief Mark Nagel said the two men were briefly spotted running on the BART tracks. Police from Lamorinda quickly established a perimeter and flooded the area with officers.

Both suspects, a man and a woman, were taken into custody at gunpoint by a Lafayette police officer after crossing Highway 24 on foot. They were finally stopped at 16 Brookwood Rd. in Orinda and are being investigated for a possible burglary on Las Huertas in Lafayette.

Items found in the wreckage of their car is being examined by police at this time (9:49 a.m.)


  1. Super job by the police on this. Followed along by the flash alerts and was amazed at how quickly this all unfolded. Why do they keep coming here?

  2. Yes, thank you Police for your vigilance and work!. Why do the crooks keep coming here? Because judges keep letting them loose. In this case maybe they will finally get jail time because they evaded police . Otherwise criminals don’t go to jail if they steal less than $950 worth, due to new laws in California. I know it sounds awful, but sometimes I wish they could put a gate up at the tunnel to keep the thugs out.

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