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Another Camera Store Robbery – Another Mike’s – This Time In Pleasant Hill


Five armed, masked men entered the Mike’s Camera location at 2170 Contra Costa Boulevard at 4:27 p.m. Tuesday and made off with a substantial amount of the store’s merchandise.

The scene is still being processed by police and store personnel. No one was believed to have been injured during the coordinated theft.

Tuesday’s robbery was similar in method and scope to the robbery of another Mike’s location in Dublin on December 22 in which some $80,000 in merchandise was taken.


    • We’re sure they’re rewinding the recorders as we speak. Cameras captured some of the last robbery in Dublin.

  1. Mike’s Camera has done nothing to beef up security following repeated armed robberies at their Northern California stores. Their response has been to have employees take a generic online course titled “How to respond to an armed robbery”. Ensuring the safety of their staff is clearly not a priority and that should be the focus of your story/investigation.

      • First, Suds took a quick spin past Mike’s last night but it was clear they were in no mood to talk.

        Second, Suds is a very proud beagle. Do not dis him or he’ll run off with your beloved Fifi – again.


        Suds/NEWS24/680 News Hound

    • Interesting perspective. So now we are saying that individual business’s have to provide enough security to prevent robberies? What do you propose? Should every business in the Bay Area hire armed guards? Perhaps they should lock the doors and only allow in the “right” sort of people. What exactly is the solution here?

        • A panic button to where? The police department? There is no hope they would get here in time. I think panic buttons might provide a false sense of security but would actually do nothing to protect employees.

          Security cameras would also do nothing to prevent these robberies, but possibly could help afterwards to find the perpetrators, although that’s doubtful.

      • If this were Richmond, our City Council would insist that we set up another mental health crisis response team to talk the thieves into being gentler when they break in, threaten the workers and steal from local businesses.

        If this were Alameda County, the new District Attorney would declare this to be a misdemeanor and a make it a ticketable offense where the thieves would be required to pay a fine–which she would then deem to be culturally biased and would tell the evildoers that they would not actually be require to pay the fine if they didn’t want to.

  2. This country cannot protect schools, churches or businesses and still refuses to admit or even have a conversation that their is a gun problem.

    • What’s to talk about? 6yos shooting their teachers? Teens gunning down their classmates? The mentally unstable able to access assault weapons and large amounts of ammunition with impunity? Come on – let’s focus on that Biden laptop again, America is in great shape……

      • We should focus on locking up all of those you mentioned. The mother of the 6yo belongs behind bars. And, access to weapons is not as easy as you would imagine.

        Firestone 11R

  3. It’s not a transition that I am in favor of but is it time to have all retail purely online? Then we just focus our efforts on the ensuing cybercriminals and porch bandits?

    • Poor mikes, there are already no camera stores left around. I’m sure these robberies will put them out of the retail store business eventually. I still miss Keeble and Shuchat. Has not been the same since they closed. Granted Palo Alto sucked to travel to.

  4. Didn’t this mikes location get robbed before as well last year? I remember having gone to smart and final and then saw the alert , but maybe my brain is getting old.

  5. Crew of 5 armed men arrested after robbing camera store in Campbell Tuesday. Sounds pretty similar. Shots fired. Employee wounded this time.

    • Hey, yes, our Lensman Non-Pareil tipped us to that one as he’s sensitive about camera stores or news crews getting knocked over. Off our radar screen, we’ve been keeping our fingers crossed that the lead didn’t start flying, but…


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