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Smash-And-Grab At Pleasant Hill Camera Store Monday

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A pair of thieves raided the Mike’s Camera store at 2170 Contra Costa Boulevard in Pleasant Hill on Monday, breaking into store counters and making off with an undetermined amount of goods.

The incident was reported at approximately 3:20 p.m., with two individuals described as black males, 19 to 20-years-old, 5′ 10″ tall, both wearing grey or black hoodies and black backpacks. They were last seen driving away from the area in an older model Ford Focus.

There were no known injuries and the dollar amount of goods taken was not immediately known.


  1. Oh my, what a surprise that two upstanding youth would commit such a heinous crime. 108RS will be out looking for these juvenile delinquents. 108RS

      • May I suggest posting something related to the article, some facts or experience or intellect instead of a fantasy of how you perceive others to think / feel. This is not healthy behavior.

        Trolling is not an admirable role in society.

  2. I’ll bet you anything that these guys have warrants for their arrest , or are crooks that are out on no bail.
    These policies are ridiculous. They’re not helping the individuals doing this get rehabilitation and it’s certainly not helping the good law-abiding, tax paying citizens.

    • Pretty sure you have to make an arrest before bail can be set. Someone please post arrest rates of the local departments. Is that information available to the public?

  3. Wow, I got to smart and final somewhere around that time yesterday. It’s right across the parking lot. I didn’t see any cops or anything. Hopefully nobody was hurt.

    Yeah there are Camera stores that still exists but most people use iphones and have no real concept of the art of photography. Might be a good place to visit sometime before the only store left is amazon.

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