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Calling All Armchair Detectives/Car Experts: What Year And Model Is This Honda?

Photo: LPD

Chief Eric Christensen and the folks at Lafayette PD are running hard and working several cases so far this month, and the chief reached out to NEWS24/680 readers for a little help ID’ing a car used in a crime recently.

Close-up view.
Close-up view.

The chief said a white male and a black male entered the Lafayette 7-Eleven store on July 21, one of them distracting the store clerk by dropping a coffee pot on the ground while the second guy runs around the counter and makes off with two cases of cigarettes.

They run out the door and jump into the Honda pictured here. The boys and girls down in the Crime Lab are looking for assistance nailing down the year and model.

This one is a little easier than others you’ve solved in the past. Pretty clear picture and in broad daylight, too. Anyone?

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  1. At first blush, it is a 2013-2015 Civic. There are probably details that I’m missing that help differentiate which of those years it is.

  2. My cards (as a long-time professional automotive journalist) are on a 2014-15 Civic EX Sedan.

    Comparing this photo against the official Honda Media website shows the Civic EX Sedan with those sportier-looking 10-spoke wheels. LX models had less-fancy wheels, but otherwise looked the same from the rear.

    • Yes, but how old are those French Fries under the front seat? We’re kidding, GF, appreciate the definitive and scholarly ID!

  3. According to my calculations, the fries (all seven and a half of them) are circa autumn, 2016. While difficult to determine from this angle, I would posit their point of origination to be the now-closed Moraga Jack in the Box.

  4. I’m sorry to be doubtful here,
    but I can’t believe that any Police Department has trouble identifying any model car. Especially something as obvious as this one.

  5. Greg T could be right. The chief is a smart dude. Maybe he’s showing folks how easily his cameras capture a great pic.

    For what it’s worth I use that same model camera on my street.

  6. Or the po-lice just want these guys to know they have a really good picture of them. It is pretty common knowledge that the cameras are out there now.

  7. Seriously, these cameras are not that expensive. They’re very easy to install. They take great pics. Battery life is excellent. I highly recommend them.

  8. I agree with Greg and Tom.

    I think the police know darn well what they’re doing, and they’re sending a message. I also think they like and respect News 24/680, and this is their way of showing “mutual liking and mutual respect.” Let’s work together.


  9. Danielle, yes I too like and fully support a good relationship with the police department s. That’s great!
    I also noticed that this car in this picture had those paper dealer plates instead of a license plate. I bet you anything the crooks are taking these off of car lots and just put them over their own license plates while they do a crime, and then when safely around the corner pull them back off, the fool the police.

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