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Ladies, Watch Your Purses – Snatching Crew At Work In Walnut Creek

Photo: WCPD

The following was issued today by the Walnut Creek Police Department:

WCPD Case Number: 16-25701/16-25915
Date / Time Occurred: 7/20/16 @ 1444 hrs and 7/22/16 @ 1242 hrs
Location: Cypress St/Commercial Lane, 1500 block of Mt. Diablo Blvd
Crime Description / Code: Attempt Robbery, Theft
Suspect(s): Suspect #1 – Black male adult, 20’s, tall with a thin build
Suspect #2 – Black male adult, 20’s, avg. height, thin build
Suspect #3 – Black male adult, 20’s
Suspect #4 – Black male adult, 20’s
Suspect Vehicle – Dark gray Jeep Patriot

Press Release Prepared By: Sergeant Andy Brown

On 7/20/16 at 1444 hours, an elderly female was a victim of a purse snatch robbery attempt. The victim was walking eastbound on Cypress St near Commercial Lane when Suspects #1 and #2 grabbed her purse and attempted to steal it. The victim held on tightly to her purse and was forced to the ground. The suspects then dragged the victim along the sidewalk causing minor injuries. As several citizens rushed to her aid, the suspects let go of the victim’s purse and fled to a nearby vehicle occupied by Suspects #3 and #4. The suspect vehicle was last seen westbound on Mt. Diablo Blvd.

On 7/22/16 at 1242 hours, a suspect matching the description of Suspect #1 entered the patio area of a restaurant on the 1500 block of Mt. Diablo Blvd and stole two purses which were on the ground near where the victims were seated. The suspect then ran to the above suspect vehicle which was parked across the street. The suspect vehicle then jumped the median on Mt. Diablo Blvd and drove westbound in the eastbound lanes before continuing westbound on Mt. Diablo Blvd at the Locust St. intersection.

WCPD believes these two crimes are related and requests anyone who may have witnessed any part of the above incidents to contact Detective Bill Jeha 925-943-3518.

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  1. I keep my purse secured to my person at all time with a bicycle cable. So if they get the purse they will have to take me to – and they don’t want that I can promise you.

  2. picking on senior citizens and women. that’s not going to look good when they hit prison. or maybe it will, times have changed.

  3. I was very pleased to see that the victim of the first attack wrote in to thank people who helped her and to let us know she was ok. Lets catch these perpetrators and put them out of business.

  4. I know I’m going to sound like a broken record again, but I bet you anything that these four suspects we’re currently out on parole or had warrants for their arrest and are still running around. Our California politicians and liberal judges are letting all the criminals run loose now, under some misplaced notion of social justice. But it ain’t working; good people are suffering now.

  5. Some will say they have no other way to buy the things they need. SMH. This terrorism of the local kind has got to stop!

  6. I wonder if these brave “men” would be so brazen if CA allowed law abiding citizens to lawfully carry concealed handguns. Crime like this does not happen in states that allow licensed lawful citizens to carry concealed. Notice how the GOP Convention went down without incident in Ohio, much to the surprise of the media and East/West Coast sheeple.
    Every man and woman in this country deserve the right to defend themselves and family and friends and neighbors from these savages. It is painfully obvious to me that our brave police are outnumbered – far and few between. I for one will not bet the lives of my wife and sons on their ability to come to our aid in time to change the outcome of a violent encounter.

  7. Walnut Creek is not the safe town anymore. There are constant car burglaries and thefts, purse snatchings and shoplifting. It’s much more pleasant to dine in Lafayette and not have a vagrant with shopping cart go by your you asking for money. Walnut Creek, in the last two or three years seems to be allowing street people, homeless and unsavory types loitering around. We are now staying in Lafayette instead, to do our shopping and dining. We haven’t even been to Walnut Creek in the last 3 months after we had our car vandalized.

  8. Don’t hit anyone you guys. And don’t hurt anyone we know. What you are doing is bad enough and you WILL be caught. But if you hurt someone we will make it a life long mission to make sure you stay in jail a long time.

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