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Attempted Theft At Rheem Valley CVS Store Leads To Alleged Assault With A Deadly Weapon


An apparent shoplifting attempt at the CVS store in Rheem Center May 17 grew into something much more serious when a store employee attempted to stop a San Francisco woman police say was shoplifting items from the store.

As mentioned on this site’s Facebook page as the incident unfolded, police were called to the center at 9:42 p.m. that evening in response to reports of a man and woman fighting there.

Officers determined that the woman, identified as Seana Nordman, 26, from San Francisco, had allegedly been attempting to steal items from the store when the employee confronted her and a struggle ensued.

During the course of the struggle the woman allegedly produced a knife and attempted to stab the employee, who was able to disarm her.

Police arrested the woman on robbery and assault with a deadly weapon charges and gave her a ride to county jail.

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  1. The level of violence in town crime appears to have escalated, mostly from out-of-towners it seems. Let’s get some license plate cameras going at the town entry/exit points so at least we can pursue them after the fact.

  2. Good work CVS employee!
    I guess with San Francisco Oakland and Berkeley tolerance towards crime, they’re people arr now coming this way!

  3. we’ve seen several desperate struggles between store clearks or crime prevention people in there. pulled up once just as as a woman was running from the store and getting into ther car with a sales clerk or loss prevention person grabbing at her door. Seems to be pretty common

  4. Odd place to stop for some quick shoplifting. Do the stores with easier proximity to BART/Freeway have better security?

  5. All the stores are getting hit really hard by these people and apparently they keep coming back to do it again. Safeway is big because of the hours and because it has alcohol and other things they can sell quickly. Our store wont say what they are doing but I am assuming they are taking steps to protect themselves.

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