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Burglars Strike Quandt Road Home In Lafayette; Take The Jewelry Box

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Lafayette police confirmed what a homeowner suspected Monday after they returned to their home in the 1200 block of Quandt Road and found that someone had gotten there ahead of them.

A search of the home determined that the thief or thieves entered after forcing open a rear French door and conducting a “limited search” of the residence – leaving with a jewelry box they found in the master bedroom.

Crime Scene Investigators searched the area for evidence and were able to collect several items that will be processed by the crime lab to identify the suspect(s). Investigators believe the suspects burglarized the home between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Police are seeking information from neighbors who may have seen a suspicious individual or vehicle in the neighborhood between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. on Monday. Investigators are asking neighbors to check their security camera systems to identify if they captured any images of the suspects or their vehicle.

Neighbors who have information or images are asked to contact the police department through their tip line at 94549tip@gmail.com.

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  1. This is getting ridiculous.
    And what’s even more ridiculous… is there is a 90% chance whoever did this is currently out on parole or has warrants for their arrest already. I think it’s really time to write our state officials demanding they tighten up or rescind proposition 47, and start getting tough on crime again. It’s time they stopped sympathizing in protecting the criminals and start sympathizing and protecting the public.

  2. You are right Greg. Neighbors need to be more aggressive and less scared and call police anytime they see suspicious cars on streets . Also need cameras on all exits

  3. It’s surprising to me at least that people are still able to do this crime without being seen or caught. Frequent reports on this site and other news outlets suggest that they are still common occurrences despite the presence of police and cameras and alarms and concerned neighbors. This site at least has been telling us where the people who rob us are coming from – I am just amazed at how they are able to slip into the neighborhoods without being spotted. Is it because they are stealing cars that blend in? Or that they dress to look like workers?

  4. Burglars succeed because they have little fear and not much to lose. A few days in county jail is insufficient deterrent when you can make hundreds or dollars or more ripping off people or stealing their identities.

  5. Hope there was nothing precious, sentimentel in the box. I hate thinking wht happens to nice things once they land in the hands of crooks like this.

  6. Had it happen to us and it is not fun. We lost some nice things with a lot of family history. Try not to think how they were probably sold for twenty bucks by some junkie in Oakland.

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