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Bike-Riding Bandit Bags Empty Wallet After Brandishing Handgun In Lafayette

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East Bay Regional Park District police are investigating an armed robbery on a stretch of the Lafayette-Moraga Regional Trail near Stanley Elementary School Sunday evening.

Two 15-year-old trail walkers reported being accosted by a young male with a black hoodie and a bandana across his face at 5:14 p.m., the assailant displaying a handgun police believe may have been an AirSoft-type gun, and demanding cash.

One of the two victims handed over an empty wallet and the robber rode off aboard a BMX bicycle, according to police.

Neither victim was injured during the incident.

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  1. That doesn’t happen much but when you think about it the perfect “low risk” crime approaching two people on foot while riding a bike.

  2. We walk in there almost every day and while we have never had a problem of any kind it would be the spot to do something like this. Hope they catch him.

  3. I’m glad no one was hurt. Any trail is an easy target, but unless these 15 year old kids looked older, I’m surprised they were robbed of their wallets. Of course the wallets were empty. They’re 15! What was he expecting?

  4. We are frequent users of the trail and love it but wonder at certain times if something like this couldn’t happen. My trail companion carried pepper spray just in case.

  5. Wondered what was going on that night. Saw police all over the place. Glad no on was hurt and concerned since we’re in the area all the time.

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