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Fatal Accident On Bollinger Canyon Road In San Ramon Saturday; Area Closed To Northbound Traffic

Photo: Reader submission

An accident reported at 12:04 p.m. in the northbound lanes of Bollinger Canyon Road between Harcourt Way and Watermill Rd. has left one person dead and the thoroughfare closed as San Ramon police investigate its cause.

Passersby, at least one of them a physician, reported seeing a car into a tree at that location with a preliminary assessment of the driver determining that no pulse was present.

Coroner’s officials identified Redwood City resident Eissa Kishek, 32, as the driver.

San Ramon police released a statement relative to the incident later in the afternoon:


On 03/05/2016, at approximately 1203 hours, the San Ramon Police Department was dispatched to the area of Bollinger Canyon Rd. near Harcourt Way, to a report of a solo vehicle accident.

The initial call to dispatch was from a witness who reported seeing a silver vehicle travelling west bound on Bollinger Canyon Rd. at a high rate of speed.  The vehicle reportedly left the roadway, striking several trees on the north shoulder of Bollinger Canyon Rd., between Harcourt Way and Watermill Rd.

Officers from the San Ramon Police Department  as well as members of the San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District arrived on scene and found that the driver of the vehicle sustained fatal injuries as a result of the collision.  There were no other occupants within the vehicle and no other vehicles involved in the collision.   

During the preliminary investigation, it appears that speed and wet roadways were factors in causing the collision.


  1. I know the facts aren’t in yet, but I will bet you it was due to speeding in the rain.
    This will be the third or fourth fatality for such reason in the last day here in Contra Costa. Come on people… I don’t care if you have the highest performing expensive German sports sedan, with even all wheel drive, you still can’t drive like an idiot on slick roads.

    • No bet, Greg… we were waiting for the professional assessment of this incident from San Ramon PD and just received it. It bears out your initial suspicions… thanks for writing.

  2. since a lots of schools are near by, the speed limit has to be reduced on the road. I moved to San Ramon recently, found that posted speed are very high at all the neighborhood areas. It has to be seriously considered

  3. People drive like its a race track out here, hopfully this example can let them know slow down I agree with Greg. Unfortunately people think there safe in the metal buckets, and have no consideration for others.

  4. A lesson learned in the blink of an eye and for eternity. So horrendously sad that a life should end in this way.

  5. I agree that people often treat those neighborhoods as their own personal race tracks. And it is all types of people too. I also don’t see it getting better anytime soon.

  6. It amazes me how people assume just because he was a young male and had a nice car that it was all his fault!
    Let me tell you … He was an amazing man who loved his wife of 7 months who is pregnant! He was following her on the road! He was very involved with the youth of the church! The most loving and compassionate man you would ever meet! He would take the shirt off his back and the food out of his mouth to help other! The investigation is not yet complete and there were other witnesses who said he was NOT speeding!

    So before you jump quickly to judge … Have some compassion people! The world has lost one of the good ones … A rare person with a huge heart and full of life and love!

    Compassion people!!

  7. I’m trying to envision a scenario where someone traveling at posted speeds could be killed without being rammed by another driver. The police report states speed and conditions were factors and we have to go with that. I’m sure he was a nice man and if what you say about his family is true it makes the whole thing even more tragic.

  8. Is that car sheared off just in front of the front seat? Can’t tell from the picture. Doesn’t it take a lot to do that?

  9. Whether speed was or wasn’t a factor… some of you are missing the point. What ever happened to being respectful? Someone lost their life, and family and friends are reading. Prayers…

  10. Very important word in the article above “it appear” this is not a conclusive statement. At the time this article was written, the investigation had barely begun! All the facts are not in, the police investigation is not closed! Other eyewitness have come forth since then that have stated that he was NOT speed by hydroplaned.

    Have you ever skidded while driving on a wet road for what seemed like a split second or even longer? Even if you didn’t lose complete control, you most likely experienced hydroplaning.

    What is Hydroplaning?
    The term hydroplaning is commonly used to refer to the skidding or sliding of a cars tires across a wet surface. Hydroplaning occurs when a tire encounters more water than it can scatter. Water pressure in the front of the wheel pushes water under the tire, and the tire is then separated from the road surface by a thin film of water and loses traction. The result is loss of steering, braking and power control.

    Be compassionate people!!! and move on ….

  11. Move on??? A man was killed. Some of us want to know how it happened. What is posted speed limit in that area?

  12. Like some humanity said it’s under investigation where questions won’t be answered truthfully until it is complete!

  13. The media reported the information as they had it. It sounds like the police have witnesses and were secure enough in their version of events to say speed and weather played a part. That doesn’t sound like jumping to conclusions. That sounds like observation and evaluation.

  14. Blaming the media has become the last resort of those unable to face the facts. Don’t like what you hear? Blame the media? I am actually a lot more sceptical of people who do it now as it has become a standard tactic. The reporting here was pretty straightforward, with additional information supplied by the police and reported. If you have information to share, share it – under your name instead of some anonymous user name.

  15. I think it is safe to say that hydroplaning probably played a part in this crash. I think it is also safe to say that cars tend to hydroplane when driven over a wet surface at high speed.

  16. While I think it is perfectly natural for friends and relatives of this person to hope that the spotlight move off this crash and onto something else I hope they realize that people living in the area want to know – and deserve to know – how it happened. Initial reports mentioned by police are that the car was going too fast for wet conditions. Judging from the picture supplied and accounts given by police that sounds like a logical conclusion at this time.

  17. Expecting people to “move on” after a fatal accident on a suburban street where speeding is a problem seems a lot to ask. I don’t care how old he was or the type of car he drove – what kind of car is it? I can’t tell. I want to know how someone can die on one of our streets. Even good people make bad decisions.

  18. News 24/680 is very straightforward with their reporting. Where I take issue is the insensitive comments by narrow minded, judgmental people. When someone loses their life, error on the side of common decency and be respectful. It saddens me that some people have no compassion. If you were raised properly this should come naturally to you…

  19. Looking back at the comments I’m not seeing any of the “disrespect” people are talking about. If you are referring to the people expressing anger over those who speed in their neighborhoods that sounds perfectly reasonable IMO. Speeding is common and its a problem. Apparently it was a factor in this crash.

  20. I cant help but agree with all the posts. People seek the news for information as i did when I searched the accident in order to learn from the incedent. I do not think anyone was being disrespectful. On thr contrary, I can certainly understand the family involved not wanting the driver to have any negative views regarding his death and want people to move on. Nowadays privacy is hardly considered. The roads do need to become safer with more aware drivers since we share the roads with many cyclist as well as kids walking on te side walks. I see many people on their phones and trxting and it bothers me as they can easily hit a child. Sending strength and prayers to the driver’s family involved.

  21. @Sue – WE appreciate this site giving us detailed and up to the minute information on incidents as they happen in our area. Their approach was straightforward and precise. Your comment is completely off base and unfair.

  22. The media has become the poster child whipping boy of politicians and others who don’t like the news they see and who seek to discount any argument counter to their own. It’s spin doctoring in its worst form and it is a frequent thing now as positions and politics become more strident. I agree with Daniella, and will continue to look to this news site for more information of importance to me. Spin doctoring is readily identified by those willing to invest the time to look into the facts and it should be branded for what it is.

  23. RIP Eissa Kishek…

    A Note to all : Please make a resolution to drive atleast 10 to 20 miles below speed limit when its raining. Avoid using Cruise control when its raining.

    • Yes, and he’s much better looking! Actually, nothing but love for our brother site – Claycord! Getting it done in the Digital News World, aka, The Future!

  24. The speed limit during school hours as posted in that section is 25 mph if children are present. 45mph otherwise people who drive that section are generally on the cell phone and speeding well past 45. This area is very dangerous to drive in just look at all the recent fatal collisions in San Ramon area. If you are driving at the speed limit you will not have a problem with handling the car if you should hydroplane. Quickest way out of life is to drive with no thought to those around you. Slow down save a life

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