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Window-Smash Purse Grabs At Two Lamorinda Banks Tuesday


Two women lost their purses to a mobile pair of thieves who struck at two local banks Tuesday, smashing car windows and making off with the victim’s handbags – in one case jumping into the car with the frightened victim.

There were no apparent injuries, though certainly the circumstance left the victims in shock.

The robberies were reported at the Bank of America parking lot, 3530 Mount Diablo Boulevard in Lafayette, and the Mechanics Bank lot, 77 Moraga Way in Orinda, both around 2 p.m.

Suspects were reported to be two black males in their early 20s, black masks and hoodies. They escaped in a silver Toyota Camry with window tint and were last seen heading toward the Caldecott Tunnel at high speed.


  1. These stories are really harshing my new year’s resolution vibe to be a zen pacifist. Keeping a taser in the center console of your car or on your person is illegal I’m guessing? I still hate guns so that’s out.

      • Yeah, about that. It’s like any weapon. “Legal” is about how it is used, i.e. the circumstances. A rock is a rock until you slam it against somebody.

    • Tasers and stun guns are legal. I carry pepper spray and have one in console, a stun gun and a small wooden baseball bat I keep next to my seat.

  2. It is disheartening to hear how violent street crimes has crept its way into our neighborhoods. The frequency of these incidents and the lack of apprehension/prosecution does not have a positive impact on the psyche of local residents. An additional concern is is the potential reprise of the recent Houston taqueria incident, which may be welcomed by some. Stay safe and vigilant.

    • The Houston citizen might have a problem as the suspect had his back turned and appears to be heading for the door.

      Firestone 11R

      • I harbored the same analysis when viewing subject footage. Looks like the Harris County grand jury will have its say in the matter. Invariably it revolves around the intent of all involved.

  3. Police cruiser idling at intersection of Chase, Wells Fargo, and BofA in Moraga today, witnessing, you know, tellerless banking. I got away with quite a bit of cash! It was mine.

  4. It’s a good thing they didn’t jump into my old lady’s car she would have beat the ever loving *hit out of them. She barely tolerates me in her car.

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