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Knife-Wielding Robbers Take $700 Cash From Victim At Lafayette BART Station Saturday

Photo: File

A pair of robbers, one of them wielding a 6″-long knife, accosted a person at the Lafayette BART station at 4:21 p.m. Saturday – relieving their victims of $700 in cash.

A BART police spokesman was reluctant to give too many details of the incident due to the fact that it was still fresh and certain evidence remained important to their investigation.

But we can say that the victim was approached by a black female in her late teens or early 20s who was dressed in a black hoodie and who brandished a knife, police said. A second individual, described as an unknown race male in his early 20s wearing a baseball cap with a grey bill also participated, according to police.

The pair left in a Nissan Altima or Maxima with a dented right side and were last seen leaving the area of the station in the direction of Highway 24.


  1. Anybody else smell drug deal gone bad or am I too cynical? (not that it excuses pulling a knife and threatening someone!)

  2. First, while I don’t believe I am a suspect, I am also an “unknown race male”, with pale skin and African origin. Second, please don’t tell me that these armed robbers came through the revolving door of Prop 47 because that doesn’t make sense. Broken bottle, knife, gun, BIG gun, little gun…it is all a felony of one sort or another if the prosecutor elects to pursue it, is it not? Prop 47, while I voted against it because of the retroactive provisions, addresses lesser crimes. Does it not?!!

  3. Drug addiction as a major cause of property crime in America…Yeah, I think that has been covered. You will be relieved to hear that we have been winning the war against drugs through many election cycles. Illegal drugs is not the problem. Heroin was not a problem 40 years ago. Heroin is not a problem today!!! God Bless Nancy Reagan for that epiphany!!

  4. Target rich environment. It’s no wonder “they” attack from below. $700 cash! So sad that we must carry hundreds in cash. Why won’t merchants accept our Players Club or Harrods credit cards? It just doesn’t seem fair.

  5. More than 2 1/2″ rain fell at my home today. I can’t store it!
    We put a man on the moon 9 years after announcing our intentions. It was nuts! Rockets blew up on the launch pad. Volunteers died horrific fiery deaths. We were under an existential threat from the Ruskys to win the space race. Then we conquered it!
    This drought is more a function of politics than nature. Sure, catastrophic rains and floods serve some vague environmental purpose, but I don’t believe that some slightly less catastrophic flow serves any less of a cleansing purpose. It is our lack of political solidarity and intelligence that prevents our saving today’s calamitous rain for tomorrow’s dry times. I see no reason to conserve water today when only an existential crisis can prompt a meaningful conservation response. Drink up!

  6. It’s hard to know what to post at this time of night because 2 or 3 hours of unread posts might still be sitting in a batch waiting to suddenly be posted with mine, but before I have seen the other posts. So, should I post, “Awesome, I agree 100%.” Or should I post, ” You are totally uninformed!! Donald Trump is the warmest, humblest man I have ever not met…” It is hard to know the correct response when you don’t know the topic. It is hard to know how the thread of a topic is progressing when “conversations” are batched in 3 hour segments. I am fairly smart, but not clairvoyant. Have any of you heard of Steve Jobs? Do you understand real time?

  7. on Feb 24, I responded simply “omg” in reaction to a sex abuse story, but because you batched the comments, it appears that I am reacting to a comment made 50 minutes earlier by Danielle? WTF?
    I never saw her comments previously. You manipulate time stamps to the point that they can’t be relied upon as accurate, and then you batch comments over multiple hours so that comment Z follows comments A, B, and C even though Z has no idea what was said previously! Yeah! That’s great journalism. Congratulations. I nominate you for the Olly North award for integrity in journalism.

    • You’ve mentioned this as a problem for you in the past and we have attempted to explain to you it is not as you envision. You are, of course, free to believe things as you do, but that does not mean they are as you say.

  8. David, Prop 47 released thousands of inmates into our communities. Prop 47 has downgraded drug possesion and some petty thefts to misdemeanors. Individuals with drug problems are committing more petty thefts than they were two years ago. California metropolitan areas have seen a measurable increase in crime. These troubled individuals do not have to comply with court ordered drug rehab and will not be prosecuted for stealing less than $950 worth so they are doing both….a lot of both.
    I work in the criminal justice system, these are the facts.
    Dispute them if you like, I have to deal with them every day.

  9. @Kelly Thank you for your response. I do not have the facts on this. I tend to react to opinions which blame all crime on Prop 47. Clearly the intent of 47 was to reduce the incarceration of persons who commit “lesser” crimes. Incarceration rates in this country are higher than most dictatorships, and they are disproportionately “racist” in their effect. THAT gives me and many others pause. THAT needs to be explained in something other than extreme political slogans.
    Libertarians, some on this blog, argue that we should stop prosecuting drug addicts, and that it would be more cost-effective to society, to simply allow them to have their drugs for free than to “force them” to steal to buy the drugs. What is your opinion of that approach? If you need to reply under a pseudonym, I will certainly understand.

  10. Apology to news24-680 for my tone. Sometimes I love the grape too well. You are misinformed, however, if you are stating that comments are not processed in batches. Sometimes comments accumulated over multiple hours are posted at one time. My “omg” comment suddenly appeared hours after I posted it to the original sexual abuse story, and it appeared with a timestamp 50 minutes later than Danielle’s comment on the story. I had never seen Danielle’s comment prior to posting mine. 50 minutes is a long time on an internet website. It might appear that I was reacting to Danielle’s post which was timestamped 50 minutes prior. That would be incorrect. Your policy of batching posts is the answer to this riddle. My criticism is that it is not a sound policy.

  11. I posted to the WSJ web site once and it took TWO DAYS for my comment to appear. Sites commonly have a permissions process to prevent spammers and trollers and hate speakers. Compared to many others this site’s approach to posting and responding to comments is blazing fast, but I’d be interested in knowing how many comments trip the snark meter and don’t make it through.

    • Less than you might think, though occasionally we do get one of the “types” you mention. Generally, we’re pretty forgiving…

  12. @RLG. With the exception for comments about the posting process itself, which might be considered off topic, I cannot remember any opinion of mine that was withheld. That said, I don’t agree that a 2 day or 2 hour batching of comments is satisfactory. Perhaps I am naïve.

  13. Was this completely random and did they get a lucky score or did they know this person had the money on them??????

  14. @rlg. My last comment didn’t make it through. It was a civil comment on their non-denial denial that they are releasing comments in batches. It didn’t seem controversial to me, but it clearly preceded the most recent comments that have posted. I guess some criticisms are more worthy than others.

  15. The stations have been hit hard by crooks in recent weeks. Those long walks from the platfrom to your car can be scary. Was this random or did the players know each other?

  16. The stations are patrolled and they have those cherry picker platforms at some of them. Surprised this is as much of a problem as it appears to be.

  17. Carrying $700 is unusual, but not extraordinary. Being the random target of a robbery is unusual, but not extraordinary. Randomly robbing one person AND HAVING THAT PERSON BE THE ONE carrying $700 is exceedingly unlikely.

    This was targeted.

  18. Regardless of the circumstances, I’m glad no one was hurt. Until BART police spend more time at ALL BART stations, this will continue. Criminals see BART as an “easy target,” and they are correct.

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