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Latest Suspected Road Rage Incident Peppered With Gunshots In Caldecott Tunnel Thursday

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In what is fast becoming an all-too-common occurrence in the 24/680 lately, an apparent road rage argument escalated to gunfire on Highway 24 Thursday with one car receiving what the CHP called “multiple bullet strikes.”

This site issued an alert to the incident at approximately 3:30 p.m., receiving word of a “rolling argument with shots fired” through the east bore of the Caldecott Tunnel at that time.

CHP officers responding to the scene located a victim vehicle just east of the tunnel and determined that shots had been fired with several rounds impacting the victim’s car. No one was reported hit.

Traffic was impacted from 3:30 p.m., to 6:00 p.m. while the shooting investigation was being conducted. This remains an ongoing investigation. The CHP asks that any person with information contact the CHP Golden Gate Division tip line at (707) 917-4491, or by email at 30specialinvestigations@chp.ca.gov.

The CHP is also currently investigating a shooting believed related to a possible road rage incident on Highway 242 in Concord Sunday.

One person was reportedly hit twice in the extremities in that incident. No one is believed to have been arrested.


  1. Shooting incidents are way up in Oakland, and it sounds like it is spilling over. Last week they had three separate shootings within the same hour or two. I believe OPD is also understaffed.

    • Sure, Jeff, but when we had lattes in our personal cockpits – we threw them at perceived transgressors. Along with tennis balls, water bottles and tennis rackets. We are an unusual species…

  2. While I personally think there are way too many guns out there, I’m beginning to think that the people were told to fear with their guns are not the ones really causing the trouble.
    I mean you hear cries to ban all the weapons that ranchers and rural people have – you know, those conservatives- but we don’t seem to the call to ban them from the inner city group that are causing most the carnage.
    How much do you want to bet though that these are illegally guns in possession by felons who’ve been let out of jail early?
    Maybe we need to start returning some of these people to jail again.
    You’ll hear it said that it cost too much money to jail them, but I wonder what the real cost is to society by all the damage they do went out.

    • GregT,

      In this case, you are perfectly correct. Think about all of the hours lost in traffic, gasoline used and the related global warming.


    • I agree. Attorney General Eric Holder informed us our number one national threat was “white supremacists”, though I’ve never met one and I don’t see these alleged vagrants committing mass crimes. But this is repeated throughout the bureaucracies. (I did see a tough looking biker at a concert recently, and my LEO friend said, “They’re out of Livermore, they’re not a problem.”)

      Meanwhile, we have various Mexican mafia groups flooding our cities with hard, cheap drugs. (One author claimed they use northeastern black street gangs for retail distribution.) The AG in Los Angeles stated that drugs trafficked by the MM had contributed to our homeless epidemic. They’ve made hard drugs cheaper and easier to access.

      Last I’ve read, the year-long Antifa / BLM riots led to over 50 deaths, police force attrition, and an increase in certain crimes of between 20 to 40 percent. Oakland has seen a spike in shootings and murder, and risks loosing monies if their staffing levels drop much more. Governor Newsom also released thousands of inmates allegedly because of Covid.

  3. Newsie,

    The last answer was………………….Blazing Saddles. A film that could never be made today for it’s political incorrectness.


  4. I am a law abiding legal gun owner. There is NO WAY I would be carrying my gun as I drive on a freeway. Why? Because unless you have a CCW that is NOT legal. I am so so so sick of ignorant people who do not follow the law or know what the law states condemning me as a law abiding citizen who wants to own a tool that can protect me from criminals in my own home. Screw all of you ignorant LEFTISTS! Lock up these people shooting on the freeways! When will it be enough for you?!

      • They sure do spend a lot of time trying to trigger people they don’t like or understand. What they also don’t understand is that the rest of the country has realized it’s best to just pass them by and they are just screaming alone and in the dark. A year or so ago I think most people would have wished them luck and urged them to seek help but I also think we’re way beyond that now.

  5. This is why you shouldn’t engage in road rage. Don’t do things to antagonize the other driver or escalate a tense situation. They may well be armed. Is yelling at another driver or giving them an obscene hand gesture really worth your life?

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