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Incident At Walnut Creek Club Sparks Pursuit, Ends In Crash Sunday – Weapon Reportedly Recovered

Crash scene at Oak and Jones roads. PHOTO: Christina Barnhart

An apparently drunken altercation at a Walnut Creek club sparked a confrontation reportedly involving a gun, touched off a police chase of a fleeing Ferrari and ended with that car crashing into several others at Oak and Jones roads Sunday evening.

The incident was reported at approximately 8:30 p.m. at Retro Junkie in the 2100 block of N. Main Street when two patrons, a man and a woman, apparently got into a confrontation with other customers. Witnesses reported seeing a weapon of some type and police were notified as the couple left, getting into the Ferrari and colliding with at least one other car as they left the area.

Police responding to the scene reportedly spotted the battered sports car and attempted to stop it before it allegedly took off north on Civic Drive, reaching speeds estimated at 65 mph.

Witnesses said police appeared to back away from their chase of the car as it continue to run north, eventually crashing into other cars at Oak and Jones.

Neighbors said police quickly pulled up behind the now heavily damaged Ferrari and took at least one person into custody, medical personnel loading another onto a stretcher.

Reports that a weapon was recovered from the vehicle could not immediately be confirmed.


  1. Hey, wake up, WC is now the Wild West. A liberal city council has placed the handcuffs on WCPD, combine that with a no prosecute DA and WC will draw the less desirable, be prepared. 108RS

    • Is the city overcompensating for past police and legal decisions?

      In the late 80s / early 90s, the Johnny Loves nightclub opened next to Las Lomas high school. (Now a Chinese restaurant.) There were allegedly problems. Apparently a different crowd came to town, some from Antioch, Pittsburg, and other areas. The police had concerns, what those were I don’t know. Were there more DUIs and traffic violations? There were allegedly more cars pulled over coming into and out of town. I’ve heard the NAACP filed a lawsuit, and the city may have taken a financial hit.

      Have these alleged problems/ issues clouded today’s policing decisions?

    • @Jeff…the CC has no or little control on the city council, I doubt you even live here…why don’t you troll in Chicago where you live? 😉

      • I live in WC and own two businesses in WC. The CC hires the chief of police, they chose someone that shares their values, maybe the new chief will fool them, but I doubt it. The chief serves at will, the CC could fire him tomorrow. 108RS

        • @Jeff – I don’t understand your disappointment with the police response to this incident. How do you contend the city council “handcuffed” the police department here?

          WCPD promptly responded to the call, vigorously pursued the subject vehicle and summarily apprehended the suspect without any harm to uninvolved bystanders.

          The city council and police brass lack any legal authority to prevent gun toting Ferrari enthusiasts from patronizing the city’s private establishments.

          What process or outcome would you prefer under these circumstances? How should the city council or police brass conduct policy to achieve your preferred outcome?

          • I sure hope the Hooligans insurance Co doesn’t pay the repair bill. If he even owns it.

          • @Mark Jones – You’ll be pleased to learn that the terms of most (all?) insurance policies expressly exclude coverage for losses that arise from, inter alia, the insured’s own unlawful, intentional OR grossly negligent conduct.

            The facts as described in the article would suffice for an insurer to invoke such an exclusion.

          • Campo,

            My comments are not directly related to this incident. Several officers have told me they are on “stand down” or working like “firemen” only respond to something if called. No proactive policing is being done, thanks to the CC and DA.


        • @Jeff – What is “proactive policing?”

          I regularly observe WCPD on patrol in vehicles and on foot. Are such patrols insufficiently “proactive”?

          Do you contend that, unless a citizen calls to report criminal activity, WCPD has been ordered not to investigate circumstances which give rise to reasonable suspicion? (That would be quite surprising indeed.)

          Should the police show up at my door and “proactively” demand entry to ensure I’m fully compliant with all laws? Should they “proactively” conduct random traffic stops “just in case” a motorist has contraband or to verify that drivers’ DMV paperwork is in good order? I can only speak for myself, but I do not want to live in a city that orders armed law enforcement officers who bark demands to the effect of “show me your papers!”

          Most WC residents rightly harbor misgivings about such unwarranted intrusions into their property, effects and affairs.

          • You seem quite sure of what other WC residents desire.

            How about when what appears to be a gang banger car, they get watched more closely? Or even spoken to? Check their insurance, see if there are any outstanding warrants?

            Maybe that’s what WC police were doing in the early 90s when the NAACP allegedly filed a lawsuit against the city?

  2. Anybody else see the soul-sucking paranormal activity in the photo above. That’s either the Almighty reaching out or Chinese ballot-flipping satellite activity, some people say.

    • Not seeing it. Looks like soft-focus refraction from lights on emergency vehicles at night. But we’re always on the lookout for soul-suckers…

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