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Letters: Our National Revisionism Is Underway



I felt compelled to write today after seeing a parade of supposedly elected officials disgrace themselves and the nation on television, lying yet again about the armed insurrection of January 6 and who bears responsibility for it.

As they have so often in the past, the scurrilous and scuttling band of insurrectionists and traitors calling themselves the GOP paraded to the microphones to trumpet and bray about who was really behind the assault on the Capitol Building – and this time it’s not Hillary Clinton and Benghazi, it’s Nancy Pelosi.

For in the delusional schizophrenia currently embraced by the GOP, it was the person the mob came to haul out of office and hang who was responsible for the breach on Democracy, not the man who stood before the cameras spurring the mob on, saying it was time to “fight light hell” and that he would be marching with them.

“The American people deserve to know the truth. That Nancy Pelosi bears responsibility, as speaker of the House, for the tragedy that occurred on Jan. 6,” said House GOP conference chair Elise Stefanik, who must be on some pretty powerful tranquilizers if she can get through those words without having her head explode.

That she said this as a powerful lineup of Capitol police officers gave testimony about the events of that day, the enemies they faced, and who those enemies ACTUALLY WERE (some carried badges) made it an even more stark reminder of the Great Lie the propagandists are trying to push down the throats of the American People.

It remains to be seen if the people are going to buy it. So far, it appears a good many are.

Martin James Carlson/ Walnut Creek


  1. Thanks for your very appropriate and accurate remarks. Hopefully it will make some people realize what’s at stake.

  2. President Trump encouraged supporters to March “peacefully” and “patriotically” towards the Capitol.

    Second, when things got out of hand, he urged followers to leave the Capitol, and peacefully go home.

    Our government had kept roughly 50 Americans locked up, some in solitary confinement, without due process rights. Do you support this?

    Further, the only person who was killed on January 6th was Ashli Babbitt, a Military veteran shot by a Capitol security guard who was in no imminent danger. (Babbitt was unarmed.) Why don’t we know the security guards name? Why isn’t he charged with murder?

    On top of this, the FBI had lots of undercover agents inside these groups, instigating violence. A new tape was recently released showing an apparently undercover agent on Jan 5th urging violence, and American Patriots calling him out as “Feds”.

    The FBI has thousands of hours of videotape of Jan 6th – Why won’t they release them?

    P.S. The MSM didn’t mind when Liberals stormed the statehouse in Wisconsin for weeks (?), or when Antifa & BLM killed dozens and torched American cities over months. Interesting contradictions.

      • “There is a continuous and shocking attempt to ignore or try to destroy the truth of what truly happened that day, and to whitewash the facts.” Capitol Police Officer Aquilino Gonell – who was there and should know. So much for Back The Blue – the GOP backs who they want when they see it will do them the most good. Or are all those police officer more paid crisis actors????

    • Antifa and BLM killed dozens, set cities ablaze, cost tens of Millions of dollars, shuttered businesses, and Democrats like Kamala Harris raised money to free violence felons and murderers. Totalitarianism?

      Aided by hi tech and the MSM.

  3. The far left and the far right are a threat to democracy. They’re extremists. And I don’t pay any attention to their BS. I don’t need the aggravation.

    • The Republican Party IS the far right. They are actively working to overturn election results validated by all 50 states and our courts. They are now a party of anti-democracy fascists. Your attempt at “fair and balanced” is a false equivalence.

      • Liberals, progressives, socialists, the current heartbeat of the Democratic Party, are fervent believers in democracy, one person one vote. There is no anti-democratic Left that is comparable to the broad, popular fascism on the Right.

        • False. This is being proven in Maricopa County, just like all the other rigged, predominantly Demicrat counties in the 2020 election. What has the Maricopa County audit proven? Allegedly 310,000 fradulent votes (10x needed to swing the election).

          People who weren’t registered by the cutoff date, but miraculously were registered after the election. Out of state voters. Dead voters. More absentee ballots turned in than were mailed out. Etc.

          Then we have largely Democrat officials, and some GOP, who are blocking the release of election routers, voter envelopes, router and computer passwords, etc , which are required by law to be turned over. Transparency!

          Make no mistake, the GOP UniParty wants him gone, too. It’s all about power. The UniParty hated Ross Perot, the Tea Party, and President Trump.

          • Keep chumming — you can throw all the bait you want over the side and the “libs” you loathe aren’t going to take it. We’re heard it all before: Benghazi, the emails, the pandering pizzerias, Bill Gates, 5G, The Big Steal, The Big Lie, The Big Something, Ballots in Ditches, Tourists in DC, Bamboo in Ballots, Ballots in Maricopa, Cyber Ninja Turtles looking for bamboo… where does it stop? For me it stops when a panel of policemen, many of them Republican, tell Congress the people who almost killed them January 6 said “Trump sent us” while they reached for their guns and asked their elected leaders to do something about it. I know who the traitors are, thank you…

          • Jan 6th Democrats = “almost killed”.

            Ashli Babbitt = actually killed by allegedly a Democrat Senator’s security detail at the Capitol.

            Antifa & BLM murders = dozens last summer. A young lady was shot in Walnut Creek by the mob (mob on mob), and a man was killed in Oakland.

            A turning point will be if Arizona decertifues the 2020 election.

  4. The conservative troll machine is really fired up today! Now we’re on to the bankrupt owner of a pool cleaning service, killed while wearing the flag of a failed man and leading a howling mob in the forcible incursion of the Speaker’s Lobby, her party surprised and ready to turn her into a martyr when she’s shot by a security detail entrusted with the protection of elected officials barricaded inside. The GOP has no shame.

    • Protected because he is Nancy Pelosi’s personal security? Or because he is African American? (Counter narrative reality.) I believe writer Paul Sperry identified him. I’ve seen the video.

      False Flag operation?

      • Oooh, I don’t know but I’m intrigued. Perhaps Q knows and will release the information when Orange Aid retakes his rightful seat in the white house on August 32nd, the day of the Druid Summer Solstice. And I have it on good authority the security man was wearing a BLM tee shirt…. but keep it quiet. False tee shirt operation.

        • For adult (objective) readers here, notice the fact-free name calling and ad hominum attacks from the Left?

          I get it. My original choice for POTUS was Dr. Ben Carson. Too nice of a gentleman that the Swamp would have devoured. It took a real estate titan to call out the crooked DOJ, FBI, and Main Stream Media. Both sides are corrupt.

          Benghazi was a disaster, and our crooked CIA wasn’t safe there, but solo journalists were. Really? Are adults here aware the DNC, HRC, and FBI paid for the “Trump dossier” (pee pee tapes)? Washed through MI5 (Chris Steele) and a drunk Russian American (former employee of the liberal Brookings Institute)? It’s all public info. Not Q or “White Supremasts”.

          We have the videotape of Atlanta election workers illegally booting election Observers, and then pulling out suitcases from under tables, filled with thousands of hidden ballots. And then running them multiple times. Not “Q”. If it’s been scrubbed from YouTube, catch it on Bitchute.

          Bigger than Watergate. Over 50% of Americans believe the election was rigged. Biden can’t draw flies, and President Trump had rallies of 30,000 – 50,000 people!

          P.S. Do people here really believe Hunter Biden’s artwork is worth $50,000 or more a crack? Or political payoff bigger than Billy Beer?

          • Oh Mark, do not waste your time on such people. Actually, I’m not sure why you didn’t get censored like I am here. Free speech seems only OK if it does not upset liberals. Anyway, this will likely be censored also, but for my own amusement I’ll go on:

            This was not an insurrection. Horse feathers. I have relatives who were in a real, gosh darn, insurrection and civil war in Africa. Over there, they used machetes and AK-47s and my relatives finally fled with no money and few possessions. Here, the greatest felon they convicted so far for this insurrection was armed with a flag. And, gosh, he walked around a public building for almost 15 minutes. Why don’t the usual readers here turn off CNN and turn on your common sense and ask yourself if you were planning an insurrection, would you go there armed with flags? No, you would not. This is all just a bunch of theater to continue attacking the GOP and distract the voters from the fact that the last 6 months was rather disappointing. We still have homeless, crime, racial tension, income mal-distribution, global warming, increasing hostility with the Chinese military, a crisis at the border but they want you to focus on creating hate and division between the political parties. You are being played.

          • Lamorinda Voter, you’re correct in your observations, though I think you undeplay our current disaster.

            This GOP establishment – Romney, Cheney, crook McConnell, etc – also want President Trump castrated. It’s about power and money.

            A new poll by the Washington Examiner reveals 70% are alarmed at our Jimmy Carter inflation numbers, along with our disastrous Biden border fiasco. Violent crime is exploding in Democrat cities. Police numbers are down, and remaining officers are demoralized and handcuffed. Oakland murder numbers are up 100% year to year.

            The House could be a bloodbath in 18 months, and true Conservatives are organizing to expel Republicans who didn’t back President Trump (like Liz Cheney).

            We want 3.5% unemployment back, affordable gasoline, safe cities and America First.

  5. Mister Jones wrote: “Police numbers are down, and remaining officers are demoralized and handcuffed…”

    …to which the Not So Right replied: “Waitaminute… if anyone is going to keep police down, demoralize officers and handcuff them – it will be us! And on the Capitol steps!”

    All of a sudden they care about police again.

  6. Mr. Jones: I encourage you to avoid references such as this to violence against our elected government, even if you mean it figuratively.
    “The House could be a bloodbath in 18 months”, according to you. It is incendiary, and in poor taste.

  7. It’s a mobius loop of batcrap that keeps these conspiracists going. Law and order. Must maim the police. Blue lives matter. Must stop the police. Conservatives forever! Must stop Cheney! Huh? Lesser minds explode!!

  8. News24-680 is a welcome refuge from political wars. Please take better care to keep it that way. Places like this are rare and valuable.

  9. January Sixth was a republican riot. They filmed themselves doing it and admitted it on their facebooks – until they realized they had committed treason and took it down. One of them was shot for leading the mob against isolated and barricaded public officials and another one was trampled under their feet – her friend screaming for help while the mob screamed for their Leader. And now, according to them, it never happened. Tourists, hugs and kisses, patriots. But most thinking people are aware of what happened and wht they saw that day. I look forward to more arrests and more vigorous prosecution. It’s time to fix this country.

    • Mo “Kick Ass and Take Names” Brooks, R-Ala, wore body armor for his peaceful tour of the capitol that day. Taking a page from the GOP playbook, let’s pose a question with a lot of question marks after that fact: “Who told him there would be trouble that day? What did Mo Know? And why does Man Boy Tucker Carlson still wear a bow tie??? And why isn’t Faux News and OAN covering it? What don’t they want us to know?”

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