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Overnight Grass Fire Chars 2 Acres In Lafayette Tuesday

Photo: File

An early morning grass fire burned through a hillside at Angelo Street and Reliez Valley Road in Lafayette early Tuesday morning, briefly threatening two homes on Hillside Terrace before it was brought under control.

Firefighters got the call at approximately 1:30 a.m., and were hampered by the area’s steep terrain. In the end, no homes were lost and no one was reported injured.

Lafayette police officers entered at least one home to warn residents on Hillside Terrace as the fire grew perilously near.


  1. Governor Newsom lied about fuel suppression and abatement, overstating work completed by over 400%.

    They’ll blame late summer fires on so-called Global Warming.

      • We have decades of mismanaged forests, decades of fuel stacked up, ready to burn. We don’t cut fire breaks, in fact, the Sierra Club lobbied to remove some of the logging roads used to fight fires! We leave trees killed by beetles standing, hundreds of thousands of acres of dead trees – more fuel. Demicrat politicians drove lumber mills out of business. Perfect example – massive Yellowstone fires.

        • I really agree! So may these things are actually very true but people would rather look at other things to blame it on.
          I’m going to vote to recall Newsom. He’s become unhinged now and is more of a danger to the state than global warming.

          • You agree because you are the same person. You’re not fooling anybody. What happened to your “Maurice” alias?? Lol You got called out and suddenly that name disappeared from the comments just like Danielle.

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