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Sometimes, The Best Rescues Are The Littlest Ones


There was a good rescue in Martinez today, perhaps not the most dramatic with buzzing helicopters or cast life rings, but nevertheless one pulled off by strangers who came together to do some good.

It started with Orinda Reader/Runner Amanda Ferguson, one of those people who sulk all day if they haven’t run 30 or 70 miles. Usually, Amanda occupies time spent on her runs with a search for expended bullet cartridges (hey, talk to her about it) – but this time her attention was drawn to something else along her route.

The rescue effort picking up survivors…

I saw what I thought was a dead cat on the side of the road,” Ferguson said. “I looked closer, and I realized that it was these cute guys…”

There were three of them, huddled together. The heat was building and they looked – expectant, Amanda said.

“I was far from my car, but I ran back as fast as I could, drove home to get my kids, gloves and a box. We went back to the spot, and quickly realized that there were more than a dozen of these little guinea pigs that had been dumped out there…”

Some people may have just left the critters as hors d’oeuvres for the local coyotes but Amanda and her brood dug in, said “Nossir, not today, not on my watch…” and set to.

“We were only able to get three because we had to be somewhere (but) my older son and I headed back later in the afternoon and were able to catch nine!” she said. “Four had died already. I got in contact with a wonderful lady who runs a guinea pig rescue in Oakley and they came out immediately…”

Editor’s Note: Yes, there is a Guinea Pig Rescue Group in Oakley and they’re called Baby Beanz Guinea Pig Rescue and, true to their name, they swung into action when Amanda reached out to them. They could use donations of produce or perhaps a little money to feed their rescues so, if you’re able to help out…

They caught one more, and set a catch-and-release trap,” Amanda continued. “She just texted and said they got the last two and now she’s coming to get the three we caught this morning. Most are females, and they are very sweet and friendly, but neglected…”

So, we had some casualties but – because of some good people from Orinda and Oakley – we’re chalking this one up as a save.


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