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Cyclist Injured In Dougherty Road Collision Saturday

Photo: File

Police in San Ramon are investigating a car versus bicyclist collision on northbound Dougherty Road north of Monarch Road which left the cyclist seriously injured Saturday.

The incident was reported at 2:50 p.m. after the cyclist was reported down in the roadway with suspected head injuries.

Police said the driver was traveling northbound in the far right lane of Dougherty Road at an undetermined speed with the bicyclist, who was inside the bike lane at the time. Police have not released how the collision occurred.

They described the injured man’s wounds as “major,” and he was reportedly in critical condition at a local hospital over the weekend.


  1. My sweet friend came upon the scene immediately after it happened and parked her car across the road and directed traffic to stop other cars hitting him. I really hope he’s ok.

    • Pamela (and tons of other readers who have written) – thank you, we’ve asked the appropriate officials for additional information and will share it when we get it.

  2. These is getting effing ridiculous — why aren’t we getting information about these cases? What is going on??? Why are the police not releasing this information??? Two cases where serious innuries resulted and NO information given?

  3. Greg Knapp was the cyclist. He’s currently an assistant coach with the NYJ. Prior to that he has worked for 6 other teams in the NFL. Most recently with the 49ers.
    Please keep him in your prayers.

    • We’ve heard from a few folks who say they were in the area at the time but we’ve heard no mention of a cellphone in use at the time of the collision.

  4. He’s from San Ramon and still in intensive care, with major injuries to his face and torso. Just had surgery for some broken ribs. Drs. said he still has unknown head and brain trauma.

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