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One Dead, Three Wounded In Walnut Creek Shooting Early Sunday


A 25-year-old San Pablo man became Walnut Creek’s third homicide victim so far this year after a shooting in a parking lot outside Spoontonic Lounge in the city early Sunday morning.

Monday, Coroner’s officials identified the man killed outside the club as Luttfi Abbushi, 25, of San Pablo.

Three other people suffered various wounds and were taken to local hospitals for treatment. They are reported to be recovering from those wounds.

Witnesses reported seeing a large fight break out outside the club shortly before the gunfire broke out at 1:37 a.m. It was not immediately known if the suspected gunman was among those involved in the fight.

Witnesses described an oddly surreal scene with few hearing actual gunfire, exiting the club to find wounded people down in the parking lot and at least one car riddled by gunfire.

Police flooded the area, taping off the area and bringing in floodlights to aid in their search for evidence. Reports that much of the shooting was captured by area surveillance cameras were not confirmed by police.


    • Hey, Jeff, help us out here… not sure which investigation you’re referring to. Auto vs. cyclist in San Ramon? Pursuit and Barricaded Man, also in San Ramon but later in the evening… or the shooting in Walnut Creek this morning, which we have covered here…

        • Gotcha… just let us know, we’ll try to answer! Additional: Just saw the PD advisory you mentioned. Sorry for confusion, there were a lot going around yesterday…

  1. Not a word about this on any of the so called major news sites. Why is it that this site is the only once covering local news? People have noticed and are confused by what they are seeing – and NOT seeing.

    • Get ready for more:

      “I was proud to support AB 2942 and this funding further strengthens my office’s ability to process these requests in a timely manner. Excessive sentences undermine our ability to hold the most violent accountable for serious crimes in our community. The strain on the state prison and criminal justice system is immense from these failed policies of our past,” said Contra Costa County District Attorney Diana Becton.


  2. Why is any one surprised. You have a wimpy city council, a pro-crime DA and a WCPD that is on stand down since Miles Hall. Expect more of this and I have little hope for the new chief. LASD 108RS

    • @Jeff – What do the city council or DA’s prosecutorial philosophy have to do with this 1 am shooting in a dark ally behind an industrial corridor, last month’s targeted freeway violence spilling over onto YVR or the middle age transient assaulting another transient in the park before dawn last spring?

      Assailants in such crimes do not consider the policing philosophy or DA’s political stance before using deadly force. If the perpetrators factored risk of detection or probability of prosecution into their choice of the venue to commit murder, they’d certainly select a municipality with fewer police resources than WC!

      The CoCo DA’s office has not changed their policy of prosecuting 100% of colorable murder cases where the police present sufficient evidence.

      • The DA refuses to prosecute misdemeanor cases, this brings in individuals who may commit crimes, sometimes these crimes escalate to shooting. It’s the same principle as the broken window syndrome in a city. WCPD underutilizes it’s officers and reserves…..a stand down in sympathy for Miles Hall and BLM.

        If WCPD policed like LASD Firestone Station of the 70’s and 80’s, crime would be gone.


        • @Jeff – Your logic wants for an arrow of causality.

          Do you REALLY contend that there are zero shootings in places where the DA prosecuted every alleged shoplifter and prostitute?

          Pop Quiz: What percentage of defendants arrested for — but not charged with — misdemeanors DON’T shoot other humans in the following months?

          Should they all be prosecuted anyway, irrespective of the evidence, to prevent the mere possibility that one of them might eventually shoot someone? If that’s the case, why not just allow shopkeepers to amputate the fingers of alleged shoplifting so there’s zero chance they’ll ever pull the trigger.

          • Campo,

            It’s a deterrence to crime and those that would commit any. The answer to your quiz, probably 99.8%

        • The old tired “throw them in jail” rant. We had twice as many incarcerated as any other nation. Crime is related to a number of factors including low income and being young….many other nations do much better w/o paying $50,000/year for each incarceration

          • Old Marxist whining. We’re a unique nation… 2nd Amendment (to protect us from the government), violent drug gangs, violent Cartel members, and a large ‘diverse’ nation.

        • @Mark – just three, YTD.

          The incident near Target was the freeway fight that spilled over. I wasn’t involved in that one, so I don’t know whether the suspects or victims were parties to an illicit narcotics transaction.

          What did you hear about the circumstances? Was the shooter or victim friends with your kids? If so, I’m deeply sorry for their loss.

  3. This is so strange. Such a very cool vibe down there most days its hard to believe something like this could happen. The place was packed. I heard there was a fight outside but we missed all of it.

  4. Street shooting. Most likely over something really stupid. Hearing people put politics into it is laughable.

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