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Shooting At Sun Valley Mall Monday

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One person was believed to have been hit by gunfire in what was described as a drive-by shooting outside Sun Valley Mall in Pleasant Hill Monday.

Witnesses said paramedics were tending to a person hit and down between the Red Robin restaurant and Sears store at the mall. Police were reportedly looking for a white Jeep, possibly a Wrangler model with heavy window tint and black rims, seen leaving the area after the shots were fired.

Police were reportedly looking for two men, one who was said to be behind the wheel while a second suspect got out of car and opened fire. There was no immediate word on the condition of the wounded person.

Concord police said shell casings were recovered at the scene and that the case is being investigated by the Concord Police Department, Major Crimes Unit.

No other information was given.

The shooting was reported at 5:54 p.m.


  1. I bet you this is another crime done by a parolee or someone just poured out of prison. I don’t know how much longer the ‘social justice’ advocates can defend emptying the prisons at the expense of the public. It’s going to get worse folks! Especially after Governor Newsom lets out 70,000 additional prisoners.

    • Maybe we should just sell more guns, that should solve the problem. What do you think will kill more people, 70,000 released prisoners or 70,000 more guns sold????

        • Oh yeah and plenty of people aren’t criminals until the time they shoot someone or shoot people and obtained the gun legally.

          • I don’t believe nor want guns everywhere either. It’s criminal behavior which we need to arrest. They don’t have a gun they will use knives if they don’t have knives they’ll use a brick. We could go on and on out lawing everything but it will continue until criminals are both punished and rehabilitated. Now they’re getting neither.

          • Sorry Greg but your logic is flaw considering you can do both. However, there plenty of reason plenty of people who use a gun wouldn’t use another weapon. One being there are plenty of things that can go wrong when you have to be so close to someone in order to use your weapon. Also I’ve never heard of an innocent person being killed in a drive by knifing and knives don’t travel through walls killing innocent people.

    • Greg T certainly wasted no time in politicizing this shooting, based on no evidence at all. Good work, Greg. PS social justice is a real issue, it doesn’t belong in quotes.

  2. I seen the jeep as I was walking out the mall between Sears and Red Robin. It was parked on the side with his jeep turned on. The driver had his hoody on and looked like he was on his phone texting. Didn’t see anyone in the passenger seat as I was walking by to my car. The jeep might’ve had out of state plates can’t really remember. As I was getting ready to open my car that’s when I heard gun shots fired and watched that jeep flea towards the main road.

    • That lines up with what we’re hearing from others, Esmerelda. Do you remember what color his license plates were?

      • I can’t remember really what color plates but I know they weren’t California plates. I clearly remember walking by with my family and the driver had his hoody on and he was on his phone. The front two windows weren’t dark because I was able to see him threw the outside. Not sure if the mall has outside cameras that were able to capture the plate number.

        • You’re really observant! We were quizzing you a little as we believe the plates were out of state, we were just hoping to narrow it down. The PD may be detailing that information later on so we’ll wait and see. Thanks for writing!

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