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Driver Wounded In Car-To-Car Shooting On Highway 24 Pulls Over To Seek Help In Lafayette Wednesday

Photo: Lafayette PD

This afternoon at about 3:35pm, a Contra Costa CHP motorcycle unit was on an enforcement stop on Pleasant Hill Road, just north of Hwy-24, when he was contacted by a female driver in a silver Chevy Malibu who stopped to report she was the victim of a freeway shooting.

The driver reported that she had suffered a single gunshot wound to her leg and requested medical assistance. She told officers the shooting confrontation occurred with a Chrysler 300 sedan and happened on the transition ramp from I-680 southbound to HWY-24 westbound. She stated a female was driving the suspect Chrysler vehicle and a male was the passenger.

The victim told officers the male passenger of the Chrysler fired at her car before the suspect vehicle fled the area. Two juvenile passengers in her vehicle were not injured.

The victim was taken to John Muir Hospital in Walnut Creek for a non-life threatening injury to her leg, according to police.

A CHP spokesman said the incident is being investigated in cooperation with the CHP Golden Gate Division Investigative Services Unit, which will now be the lead in this investigation.


  1. Wow, so sad this is the ‘NEW’ Walnut Creek. This city growing exponentially has brought in the shady element unlike before when it was a mom/pop eclectic town. It sold it’s soul to the developers, franchise luxury business, homeless and criminal element now. Murders, shootings, graffiti, ummm yeah.

    • Ed, linking a shooting on the freeway to development in Walnut Creek seems like a stretch. I agree that development has brought a more region wide influx into Walnut Creek. I don’t object to that, but wish the progressive members of the community would allow WCPD to strictly enforce the law.

      • “linking a shooting on the freeway to development in Walnut Creek seems like a stretch.” Considering the crime has grown exponentially in and around WC, without a doubt think development has a significant role in the growth of crime. Connect the dots.

        “progressive members of the community would allow WCPD to strictly enforce the law”. I couldn’t agree more.

  2. Saw the car pulled over when we were coming back from the city and then got your flash. Judging from the commotion it was clear something bad had happened. Hope the woman recovers quickly.

  3. Sad day. Sad times. So many of us seem content to jump off the cliff. I was hoping things would get better.

  4. Isn’t this the second shooting in a week where it was the Chrysler 300 with a woman driving and the male passenger shooting? And no I don’t think you can blame it on Walnut Creek. I blame it more on the Oakland to Antioch run which has a lot of shootings on it.

    • Sounds like some sort of road rage incident – unless suburban moms have organized and started gangs of their own. Soccer Moms OGs.

    • Hey Dave,

      Go to claycord. Your type of trolling will fit right in. No need for facts, reason, logic or awareness of reality.

      The reality of gun violence in our lives is due to the availability of guns, and only “thoughts and prayers” after the near-daily mass shootings throughout the US, with the GQP blocking all research or legislation to nationally control access to weaponry. There are orders of magnitude more and deadlier guns in CCCounty, California, and the US than even 30 years ago.

      What other “modern and civilized” country suffers through what we are becoming numb to? NONE.

      Think before you post or go to claycord where you aren’t expected to think rationally or logically.

      • Sure. So just confiscate 200 Million guns. s/

        How about we make a national effort to strengthen the nuclear family; reduce illigitimacy; reduce violent gangs; and continue President Trump’s concrete efforts to seal our southern border (drug cartels, violent crime)?

        Every weekend Chicago, Detroit, etc are a bloodbath.

      • @DV Native – bravo, I remember when Claycord was a nice little local news source, now there is just so much hate

  5. No Tonto us does mean all of us, No hidden agenda or woke speak. We are all vulnerable to crime and freeway shootings and nobody is completely safe from it.

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