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Moraga PD Stops Pair Of Suspected Burglars Early Sunday; They Had This Bike… Is It Yours?

Moraga PD caught up with a couple of neighborhood Creepy Crawlers Sunday. They had this bike with them - is it yours? Photo: MPD

At 5:45 a.m. Sunday, Moraga police received a call from a resident reporting suspicious persons in the area of Sanders Drive and Larch Avenue.  Officers responded to the area and contacted the subjects on Canyon Road as they were leaving Moraga in a truck allegedly loaded with burglary tools, other property… and the pictured bicycle.

Officers were able to use Moraga’s community camera system to obtain additional information.  The subjects, two men with local ties suspected of other recent burglaries, were subsequently arrested and booked into the Contra Costa County Jail.

Police ask residents in the Sanders/Larch area should check their residences to ensure they are not missing anything.  Anyone with any information, especially if the bicycle in the attached photo happens to belong to you, should contact Moraga Police Corporal Likos at likos@moraga.ca.us or via Dispatch at 925-284-5010.


  1. Despite the good work of the Moraga police, they’re probably out of jail already. Especially if they stole less than $950 in value , since
    it’s no longer a felony crime with jail time, thanks to proposition 47 which the people passed. Oddly the name of that proposition was the “Safe Neighborhood and Schools act. That tricky title got people to vote for it, but in reality it just let a lot of people out of jail and stops new crimes from going to jail

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