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Armed Man Surrenders To Police; Pinole Lockdown Order Lifted


A Pinole man apparently suffering a mental health breakdown shot a family dog and triggered a neighborhood lockdown which sealed off a large quadrant of town Monday before he eventually surrendered to police.

Neighbors reported hearing gunshots inside a home on Marlesta Road Sunday evening and officers responding to the call found the man’s mother missing and the dog dead in the home.

Police eventually located the man, determined he was armed and sealed off the area while attempting to locate the man’s mother. She was eventually located unharmed, but the lockdown order – which included nearby schools – wore on until his peaceful surrender to police early Monday morning.


  1. Very sad. I’m very sorry for this.
    Oddly , an acquaintance of ours had a nervous breakdown just last week.
    Life has gotten very tough and complicated.
    Sometimes I wish we could return to the simpler, ‘Leave it to Beaver’ times.

  2. Leave It To Beaver. Sedate. Comfortable as matching family pajamas. All white. No Jeffersons. Those were the days.

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