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Armed Carjacking Reported In Canyon Tuesday

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Police are investigating an armed carjacking reported on Pinehurst Road in Canyon, south of Moraga, after a local man reported being followed into Canyon by another vehicle and ordered out of his car at the point of a shotgun.

The incident was reported at approximately 1:30 p.m. when the victim contacted East Bay Regional Park personnel to report the theft of his 2014 BMW. Initial reports were that the victim was followed by as many as three men in a black Audi SUV, which pulled in front of his car on Pinehurst Road – one of the occupants brandishing the shotgun and demanding the victim’s car.

Both vehicles, BMW and Audi, were last seen being driven out of Canyon toward Oakland.

The victim was not believed to have been physically harmed during the encounter.


  1. Between this and the bikejackings that have been happening, seems like the hills are becoming a no-go zone.

    • Slim… (Man carrying shotgun) Hispanic male, mid 30s, 5’10” 180, shaved head… no description on other two.

  2. The once great city of Oakland has become a hell hole of crime that is uncortrolabely oozing beyond it’s borders.

  3. That reminds me, I should sign up for an advanced evasive driving techniques course. A BMW ought to have been able to outrun an SUV, if the driver could have executed a J-turn and sped off in the other direction once the Audi cut him off.

    • Ah, the old Bootlegger’s Turn, eh? Yes. But in this instance we would wager the vic wasn’t expecting to have to go all Jason Bourne that day, was on a leisurely drive through Canyon and was reacting to an impatient driver, pulling over to let him/her pass. Then, it’s shotgun time presumably. Tough one. Left at the side of the road without a phone, remote location and some built-in getaway time before a ranger or rare copper happens along. We didn’t want to say anything, but it’s actually the perfect place for this sort of thing. Just glad the vic wasn’t injured.

  4. I would suggest that locals who drive that route daily not pull over for aggressive drivers. Its a short trip they can just wait till you hit Canyon bridge or Skyline. Apparently the cycling word is its a ongoing problem of armed robbery out there recently. Don’t pull off or stop for aggressive drivers…
    Stay safe folks

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