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One Person Wounded In San Ramon New Year’s Eve Shooting


A man was shot and seriously wounded in a San Ramon apartment Thursday, police and firefighters calling for an air ambulance to take the man to hospital.

San Ramon police entered an apartment on Amberstone Lane in the city shortly after an occupant called to report that someone had been shot inside, possibly by a relative who then fled the scene.

Officers made entry and located the male victim with a gunshot wound to his leg. Emergency medical aid was rendered and the unidentified victim bundled to an established landing zone for air transport to a local hospital.

He is currently believed to be in stable condition. There was no immediate word of arrests made in connection with the incident


  1. Not surprise with all the apartments having 15% go to low income. I don’t understand why low income people want to live in San Ramon , since the average income is over 160k a year. It’s expensive to live there, but the liberals want us all to live the same by having hard working people subsidize the lacking.

    • Have u ever thought parents are trying to get their kids out of a bad area? Parents are trying to give their kids a better life by moving to a better area? Maybe the more privileged people need to take a step back and think about things.

    • Thank Gavin Newsom & Democrats for more failed social policies. Walnut Creek had 4 shootings in 2020? Guns brandished in Lamorinda, a rapper shot in Dublin, and still not a single arrest in the killing of 5 on Halloween 2019 & 4 additional attempted murder.

    • “the lacking”? They lack money. They lack opportunity. They lack privilege. Most people lacking are not deficient of intelligence or skill. They are lacking equal opportunity. You should be scared of them. Many of them work longer, harder, and smarter than you. The only thing keeping you on top is your head start, the internship from your uncle, the savings from your parents. Maybe you should start supporting a more socialist agenda. Socialism will lift up even the least among us, even those surviving through the good graces of their privileged forebears.

        • so i guess you’re not one of the tens of millions in this country who can’t afford health care. as opposed to the hundreds of millions in roughly 30 EU countries which are provided health care as a universal right. so, you can’t see the uninsured here, and you can’t see those millions of socialists with health benefits over there…you need to see an eye doctor.

    • Why do you assume this apparent act of domestic violence occurred in a subsidized (“low income”) unit?

      The poor hardly monopolize impulsive violence.

  2. Happy New Year. I guess people celebrate in their own ways – party favors. Funny hats. Shoot your relative. Wheee.

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