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Shopping On Someone Else’s Dime – Do You Know These Guys?

Photo: WCPD

If you happen to know this pair there’s a Walnut Creek police detective who would like to meet them.

Apparently these gents have allegedly been using a stolen credit card at multiple locations in the area (is that guy on the left actually wearing a shirt with “Frisco” or “Phisco?” on it? Tsk, tsk.)

If you know them and want to help the police with a stolen credit card case please contact villa@walnutcreekpd.com


  1. A stolen credit card at multiple locations? Do people bother to report their card lost or stolen? They didn’t buy much.

    • They rack up thousands in charges in a day or two — before people have a chance to report the card or realize it has been hijacked. And you wouldn’t believe the crap they buy. Total trash.

    • By the small bag, I thought maybe they’d been at it awhile, and they’re running out of credit. And sadly, people don’t keep an eye on their purse or wallet – and if they did, you can make a call and stop them before they get started. I hope they’re caught.

  2. Yeh they’ll get it and hit all the local stores b uying the most stupid stuff or things they think they can re-sell. Hang onto those cards peeps.

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