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Update: Man Armed With Assault Rifle, Ballistic Armor, On Life Support After Pleasant Hill Shooting Incident


From Pleasant Hill Police:

On Monday, September 21, 2020, at 5:57 PM, Pleasant Hill Police Officers were dispatched to a call on Cortsen Rd. where it was reported that an intoxicated male wearing a ballistic vest had discharged a firearm in public. Upon police arrival, the man was seen driving his vehicle away from the scene. Pleasant Hill Police officers attempted to make a traffic stop but the man fled.

During a pursuit, the man pulled his vehicle to the side of the road, exited and pointed an assault rifle at the pursuing officers. One officer was forced to perform an evasive driving maneuver and collided with a fence. The man re-entered his vehicle and continued fleeing from police.

The subject fled to Pleasant Hill Elementary School (2097 Oak Park Blvd) where he rammed his vehicle through a security gate and drove onto the campus. There, he exited the vehicle with the assault rifle and multiple high capacity magazines and fled on foot. As officers were arriving and establishing a perimeter for public safety, the man attempted suicide with the firearm. The time elapsed from the beginning of the pursuit to the attempted suicide was approximately eight minutes.

Officers performed life-saving measures and the man was subsequently transported to John Muir Hospital where he remains in grave condition on life support. Because this was an attempted suicide, this individual’s name is not being released at this time.


  1. Hard to fix inebriated, heavily armed and mentally disturbed. This has to be sad for one family — glad it wasn’t sad for a LOT of families.

  2. Assault rifle. Extra magazines. Body armor. Crash your way onto a schoolground. Id say we just dodged a disaster.

  3. According to this it took you twenty minutes to send out your first news alert. Thanks for the updates. Keep them coming — we’re relying on you these days.

  4. Wonder if this was the same guy vandalism the church? Imagine if he made a different turn into a busy shopping complex?

  5. You people have no idea what your talking about. He probably went to the school because he knew no one would be there.
    Vandalized the church too? Seriously!?

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