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Armed Robbery In Orinda Saturday


Orinda police were searching for two armed men who robbed a local resident in the driveway of his home on Fallen Leaf Terrace Saturday – making off with jewelry and cash.

Police are currently in the area. The incident was reported at 2 p.m. The suspects, reportedly 2 armed men described as young black males between 20 and 30 years, approached the victim in his driveway, brandished the weapons and made off with the man’s Rolex watch and other personal belongings.

A third individual, apparently waiting behind the wheel of the car, recovered the two robbers and hastily drove away in the direction of downtown Orinda in a car described as a silver Audi Q5.


    • Unknown if he was followed or surprised in his driveway, Kelly. Not the first “watch snatching” we’ve had but we know it had to be traumatic. Believe the victim was not physically harmed.

  1. Address a long way from typical casual drive by. Orinda Downs is far from freeway or thoroughfares to speed on. Very troubling

    • In the past we have had victims followed to their homes and robbed there after thieves spotted a watch or something else they wanted. We’ve also had crews just “roll up” on individuals, using the element of surprise to their advantage.

  2. Orinda PD couldn’t find their way out of a paper bag. They left our community in the lurch when they couldn’t find two convicts in our area. Didn’t even tell residents what was happening. Tons of kids here and they didn’t say a word to us so we could keep our children safe. They endanger more than they protect. They’ll never find this guy.

      • What is the basis for contending that an armed robbery conviction (under California Penal Code section 211) would not carry a prison sentence pursuant to section 213(b)(A)(1)(B) (providing for a three, four, or six year prison sentence)?

        Further, the “$0 bail” schedule implemented due to COVID-19 does not apply to “serious felonies,” including robbery. See, Cal. Penal Code s 1192(c)(1), part 19.

        A great deal of misleading information and rumors about sentencing and bail has proliferated in recent years. We must take care to correct such misconceptions in this forum.

  3. Orindans, we need Neighborhood Gates to deter wrong-doers. It’s a reasonable trade off for safety. Times have changed.

  4. The path they took through the Downs means that three different cameras will have taken pictures of them, but it is 100% a stolen car so probably wont matter much.

  5. Did anyone ever see the Tracy Ullman skit where she ( as the cop) asked the victim of a mugging what he was wearing? She then criticized him for going out in an expensive suit and fancy watch; asking him what he expected? Classic table turning for all the women who have been accosted and worse.

    • Don’t know… we assume responsibility for our Flash Alerts and leave the management of other systems to others!

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