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Walnut Creek Police Investigating An Apparent Shooting On Ygnacio Valley Road Monday


Police and firefighters responded to a report of a shooting on Ygnacio Valley Road at Homestead Avenue Monday, finding at least one victim in a car at that location suffering from an apparent gunshot wound.

That person, and possibly a second victim, were taken to the hospital for treatment of unspecified wounds.

Police are in the area and apparently canvassing local residents and businesses for surveillance camera footage.


  1. Looked like some sort of car to car shooting with a young guy in the BMW wounded in the arm??? Just saw the aftermath……

  2. Possible road rage or mistaken identity. SECONDHAND info from the people in front of my (they saw more) was that shots were fireed from a dark or black SUV and that someone in the BMW was injured.

        • With the new attacks on police & calls to defund the police, we have recent dramatic crime increases in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, & elsewhere. In New Uork a 50% increase in shootings, a 24% increase in murder, and a 114% increase in robbery. (Though we know thousands more got away scott free with robbery, arson & looting.)

          The past weekend over six innocent children were murdered, all African American.

          • The Police are hired by the people to protect and serve the people in their communities. The police need our support and should have our support. At the same time our money used to finance the department has been misused and they are not being held accountable. There is also a lot of misconduct that goes on in the department and many crimes and murders are committed by our very own police that could have been avoided. The police should be setting an example for the people in the community. Any crime or misuse of power or money should be brought up on charges and taken to trail for the people to decide. Complete transparency with all that takes place in the department should be made available and be a public record. Its not an all cops are good or all cops are bad situation. Its just one more example of a poorly run, corrupt, system, with good individuals caught in the middle. It starts at the top, and since our entire system is corrupt it makes perfect sense. With all that’s going on in the world i believe we are on the right path to ending or at least minimizing this corruption. We should praise and thank the police that fight for humanity! The ones that have sold out, go against their morals, or say they are just doing their job need removed and replaced with good men and women. Together we can restore humanity and faith in God.

    • Derek Chauvin is a veteran of the police. In Minneapolis he was the police. Lt. Calley was an officer in the US Army massacring civilians in our name in Viet Nam. Stop using these platitudes. “Defund the police. Defend the police.” These people take an oath to defend the constitution and/or to uphold the law in the case of law enforcement!!! Stop the BS. If a person is honest in service to that oath, those oaths, s/he doesn’t cover up the massacre ordered by Lt. Calley. S/he doesn’t cover up an out of control beating of a suspect by a fellow police officer. A police officer is NOT qualified to serve if s/he is not willing to honor his/her oath. The courage/honor necessary to serve faithfully would seem to be in short supply. We citizens can and do expect better.

      • We haven’t seen all the evidence; we haven’t seen Floyd resisting arrest or the training manual and black Sargent who taught that restraint method. Sadly, and maybe on purpose, the AG may have over charged with Murder 2, leading to a higher probability the officers will be found innocent and we’ll have more riots, looting, arson, & murder. Six black children murdered t4hus weekend, lawless Democrat cities imploding. Very sad. Georgua’s Governor finally calling in 1,000 National Guard for Atlanta.

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