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Two-Alarm Fire Burns Through Building In Concord Monday


Fire brought down much of a multi-level structure in the area of Sunset and East streets in Concord Monday, firefighters quickly calling for a 2nd Alarm to help combat the flames.

The building, reportedly abandoned, was reported ablaze at 10:23 p.m. with floors collapsing minutes later. There were no immediate reports of any injuries though dozens of firefighters were called to the scene.

Residents were unable to say who owned the building or describe its daily use. Many said it had been undergoing renovation for some time. They described the location as a triangle shaped lot across from Concord Center building by Concord BART – a former restaurant or office building that had been taken over by squatters and taggers in recent years.

Much of the area surrounding the site remains closed off to traffic Tuesday:

Clayton Rd/Oakland Ave. – expect heavy traffic westbound
Clayton Rd/Grant St
Park St/Grant St
Colfax/Concord Bl
East St/Concord Bl
First St/Sinclair Ave
BART parking lot on Park St


  1. It seems (from older street views) to have been vacant since 2007. There’s signage visible on the other side of the bldg that suggests it housed Eskanos and Adler (law firm) at one point That’s all I’ve got.

    • Morning, Matt – our Facebook Fans are saying the building housed the old Giovanni’s restaurant and was quite the hotspot back in the day. Sadly, it was quite the hotspot last night, too.

  2. Yes, it was a very nice building! And the restaurant was very nice too. Then it looked like they were tearing it apart and remodeling it. I always wondered why because it looked good before. . But it was always an odd location being on that triangle island between what seems like five other heavily travelled streets.

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