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Aftermath: Where Should Concord Go From Here?


View of the scene at Sunset and East streets in Concord after a 2-Alarm blaze gutted the building overnight. Home to the old Giovanni’s restaurant “back in the day,” the structure had been undergoing renovation in recent years but had seen better days.

Former patrons reveling in memories of its past glory on our Facebook page.

But, looking forward, do you have ideas regarding what should be done with the site? Park? Open Space? Apartments and Housing?

Still very much TBD as there are some pesky details to sort out and a lot of rubbish to cart away, but we’d be interested to hear what you think might be a suitable replacement for an odd spot in a heavily trafficked area.


    • TBD, TH… but, definitely, yes, though the building appears to have been neglected for some time. We shall see.

  1. Where Concord goes from here will be dependent on who has the most $$$ to sway the city council their direction.

  2. I’m sorry to say, but that really is an oddball location. It’s a triangle ‘Island” surrounded by three very busy streets with two other streets feeding in to the other 3 right there. Plus, to make it more difficult is that half are 1-way streets. If you miss the place you can’t just go around the block.. but have to go many, many blocks around, just to get back to the same point . That happened to me once when trying to go to that restaurant .A park or something pedestrian oriented would not work because it would be dangerous just getting to this island!
    Probably some kind of office building would work there.. frankly it’s a stupid parcel.

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