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Man Down!

"The Order of the Shattered Speed Graphic"

Terrible words most any time but even more so when your team is small to begin with and you don’t have many men to spare.

Our chosen gig can be perilous, at times, and though we send our intrepid squad out into the world with admonitions to “watch your six” and “don’t get hurt,” well, sometimes we get hurt.

We’ll name no names as we’re loathe to write ourselves into the story but one of our guys went down hard at the scene of a recent fire and hobbled off the field after landing with a thunderous “crraaack” – attracting the attention of a kindhearted Emergency Services man who winced and offered a “duuuude, are you okay?” over the sound of pumper trucks and sirens.

“Yeah, fine, thanks,” our man said, dragging himself to his car and hoping he wouldn’t have to steer with his nose and use a tripod to depress the accelerator on his way to the emergency room.

Doctor Stuff: “Curvilinear density adjacent to the anterior talar dome seen on the lateral view… may represent fracture.” And those doctors are good ’cause, yep, that’s what it was.

Sheepish call from colleague, hard-eyed glare from colleague’s spousal unit who is questioning this whole “sending hubby to dodgy places” thing and we’re feeling crappy for contributing to a man’s anterior talar pain threshold.

So, a newly-minted Order of the Shattered Speed Graphic to an intrepid colleague and valiant member of our news team – may you heal quickly. And did your wife get those flowers we sent?


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