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Lafayette PD Searching For Carload Of Thieves After Computer Thefts At Downtown Coffee Shop Tuesday

Photo: Lafayette PD

Police in Lafayette are currently searching for a carload of people in a dark Saturn 4-door with tinted windows after people in the car stole computers from two patrons at the Peet’s Coffee location, 3518 Mt. Diablo Boulevard.

The thefts occurred at approximately 3:15 p.m. Tuesday, with one suspect advising pursuers that he was armed though no gun was seen. A young Samaritan snapped a photo of the suspect vehicle as it drove off in a westbound direction down Mt. Diablo Boulevard.

There were no initial reports of injuries in the thefts. Two MacBooks were taken by two black males in hoodies one white, the other red with “Hustler” on it in multiple colors. The men were both wearing red shoes.

Four people, all believed to be black males in their 20s, were inside the car, a Saturn with a possible plate of 4NAY140.


  1. Here we go again. I’m glad no one was hurt. If that’s the correct plate number, I hope the plate wasn’t stolen.

  2. I disagree with those calling the suspect “brave” and “gutsy”. In a state with real enforcement of laws? Maybe. In California, where even if they got caught, they’d get a slap on the wrist and be released to go do it again? Not so brave.

    If you’re tired of this type of behavior, vote to change California’s pro-criminal laws (including but not limited to Prop 47, Prop 57, AB 109) and vote for officials who support building more jails and prisons to house our growing population of criminals.

    • Apologies if I misunderstood the previous commenters.. After reading the FB page conversation, it appears people may be referring to the kid whose laptop was stolen and got a picture of the suspect vehicle as brave, not the suspects

      • Thanks for that, RIL – actually, two alert young men sought to gain additional info/descriptions by giving chase and snapping at least one picture of the getaway car. We don’t believe either lost their gear (interesting side story to that, also on Facebook) but were rather trying to help others.

  3. I stopped by this Peet’s not long ago while in Lafayette and was shocked at how many customers would leave laptops, backpacks and even purses sitting unattended. I have seen this before at Peet’s and Starbucks all over the 680 corridor but it was so blatant here that I even mentioned it to family members later.

    Gotta protect yourself from becoming a victim

    • A reader on our Facebook page said one of the victims yesterday had been victimized previously… at the same location… while sitting at the same table. That’s unconfirmed but, if true, perhaps a case of “poking the bear!”

    • I went in there today. Lady sitting at the table directly inside the door; her back to the door. MacBook and iPhone right there on the table. Crazy. Went to Philz the other day. Walked up, MacBook and backpack sitting on a table unattended. 3-5 minutes later, up walks the owner from the parking lot.

  4. You cannot take laptops out in a public place in the Bay Area. These thefts are commonplace now. Growing up in Oakland you learn quickly that there are thieves throughout this area and a fool and his electronic devices are soon parted.

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