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Sheriff’s Helicopter, Ground Units Corral Fleeing Suspect Off McCauley Road Friday

Photo: Office of the Sheriff

A 22-year-old Oakland man is in custody in connection with a vehicle reported carjacked out of Hayward.

Police Chief Allan Shields said at 11:06 a.m. the department’s Automated License Plate Reader (ALPR) system flagged a stolen vehicle in Danville near Diablo Road and Camino Tassajara.  A short time later, officers located the vehicle, described as a 2016 Honda HRV, on McCauley Road near Monza Court.

The suspect, identified as Tone Moa, 22, of Oakland, fled the vehicle on foot. Units from the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office, including the Starr3 helicopter, helped locate Moa, who was taken into custody by Danville PD.  While fleeing, Moa suffered minor injuries and was transported by ambulance to San Ramon Regional Medical Center for treatment.

Moa is charged with felony evading. Further charges may be filed pending the completion of the investigation.


  1. Is it true the chopper crews paint a stick figure of a running man on their fuselage after making a capture?

    • @Robert – Like the air aces of yesteryear, perhaps? We don’t believe so, but it’s a charming idea – running stick figure for a foot chase, car for a stolen car case? Talley-ho, Red Leader!

  2. These stories confuse me. I thought technology had made cars harder to steal, yet we still seem to have a large number of stolen cars.

    • @Tom – Still waiting on definitive word from DPD but we believe the direct method was used in this case – the car was taken in a carjacking.

  3. Ok, I have to ask again: why are these thugs from other areas, in solen cars from other places, coming to the Danville area? This is like the 4th in last few months. Thank goodness the Danville Police are on to then!

    • @Greg – You’re not the only one asking, Greg, and we wish we had the answer. We are left to wonder if it appears more of these things are “ending up” in town because ALPRs are in use, “trip” plates more often and the PD does what the PD does thereafter. We have a bunch of police checking out this site and we’d love to hear from them, but so far they’ve chosen to remain silent…

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