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Moragan Arrested For Auto Burglary – In Emeryville

Alex Mills. Photo: Emeryville PD

A 23-year-old Moraga man is in custody Tuesday after Emeryville police officers reportedly found him in the passenger seat of a truck parked outside the Oliver Loft Condominiums in their city – a truck that did not belong to him.

Photo: Emeryville PD

Officers arrested Alex Mills on Monday after noticing the cab of the truck had been ransacked, with Mills on probation for identity theft with a search clause. During the resulting search of Mills and his property, officers allegedly located personal information belonging to several different people.

Police contacted the owner of the truck, who stated he did not know Mills and that he had not granted him permission to be in his truck.

Mills was arrested for auto burglary, possession of stolen property and probation violation and was taken to jail, police reported.


    • @Danica – We don’t believe so, at least Emeryville PD didn’t mention it. There are a couple of other viable reasons for that scarring.

  1. Moraga’s finest. If you google his name, his arrest record was verified as a Moraga address. Looks like he was living with a relative in Moraga, on a street ending in “mesa.” If you’re familiar with Moraga, you probably know the street.

    You can type anything on Facebook. Doesn’t mean it’s true.

  2. Sorry your life is a mess bro but when you start ripping other people off to support your sorry ass habit you need to expect some pain to come with it.

  3. @Danielle – parents probably kicked him out for obvious reasons. I buy it and see no reason why anyone would say they lived in Oakland while actually living in Moraga.

  4. Pamela… Maybe he was living in Oakland at the time he posted on Facebook, but he was living in MORAGA at the time of his arrest. Why don’t you believe he lived in Moraga if it was verified by law enforcement? Who cares what his Facebook says.

  5. @Danielle – I’m just not that naive enough to believe he didn’t mislead the police as to where he was currently living. Could be had something to hide at his Oakland address.

  6. That’s rich. When I clearly showed you what federal law said about pseudoephedrine, you replied you didn’t care what the law said, and stuck to your misreading of medicine labels. To paraphrase, the law is clear – who cares what someone who can never admit to being wrong thinks.

  7. Pamela – He’s on supervised (FELONY) probation for identity theft, which means law enforcement knows where he’s living. He was arrested 10 times in 2017 for burglary, vehicle theft, possession of a controlled substance, possession of tear gas, and other offenses.

    His Facebook also lists his employment in Brooklyn, NY, SF and WC. You can’t work in “all three cities” at once. Everyone I know on Facebook list where they’re currently working, or they leave it blank.

    He also says he attended Miramonte and Campo. At the same time?

    Why do you have a hard time believing he’s living with his parent(s)? It wouldn’t surprise me if he’s unemployed, the number one reason young adults live at home.

    The only reason I care where he lives – elderly parents in Moraga, and he’s a convicted identity thief in the same town.

  8. @Danielle – it doesn’t matter to me where he lives but all the reasons you’ve given don’t necessarily hold water. Unless he was wearing an ankle bracelet he could have been staying anywhere. I have had friends attend both Miramonte and Campo. I don’t have a hard time believing he may live in Moraga but stated where his facebook says that he lives and you continue to insist that his facebook must be wrong and the police would know but I am not convinced. Anyway he lives in jail now and will probably be there for quite awhile. This must be very sad for his family and I hope they are able to find peace and not blame themselves. Alanon is a wonderful place for friends and families of people like Alex and I hope they are members and not going through this alone.

  9. Pamela – We can agree to disagree. I don’t believe ANYTHING a drug addict or convicted felon says, on Facebook or anywhere else. I believe drug addicts and convicted felons are notorious liars. They’ll lie about the time of day.

    I’m also well aware people lie all the time on social media, one of the reasons I’ve never had a facebook, twitter, etc. In the words of Geraldo, “online, you are who you say you are.” He was referring to sex offenders, but what he said is true.

    Have a good day…

  10. Can we agree that Mills is an apparent thief, has a connection to Lamorinda, and is probably going to get his ass kicked by someone he tries to rip off in the future?

  11. It would take about five seconds on google for folks to make the connection between the suspect and his well known family member in the 925 area. And from there, maybe some understanding that there’s more to this story than meets the eye. Probably a lot of parental agony, I would assume.

  12. @Scott – a friend from a nearby town (who was also the son of a judge) eventually committed suicide because he could not turn things around and did not want to go back to prison for another parole violation. Clearly family dynamics come into play, especially in Alex’s case. Wherever Alex was living at the time of his arrest I hope he is able to break the mold and turn things around.

  13. Luckily you can’t hold the entire family line responsible for the bad deeds committed by one. If you did they’d be after me for stealing horses. Damn you Uncle Preston!

  14. People with experience with this sort of thing tell me addicts need to hit a bottom before they can attempt to fix their lives. Hopefully this happens and corrective action is taken.

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