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Execution Of FBI Search Warrant In Orinda Sets Tongues Wagging Wednesday


An FBI search team entered a home in the 600 block of Moraga Way Wednesday, looking for “small pieces of a larger puzzle” in an investigation currently underway.

The presence of those eye-catching blue and yellow raid jackets and an overflying helicopter quickly set local tongues to wagging – and local wags to riffing – as agents seized computers and other evidence from the residence.

No arrests were made. Bureau spokesperson Prentice Danner stressed that while the raid was conducted as part of a larger investigation currently underway there was no public threat involved.

“We want to assure everyone out there that they were in no danger,” Danner said. “This (raid) is just a small piece of a larger puzzle and we’re just trying to put those pieces together.”

Danner declined to say precisely what sort of crime was being investigated.


  1. Saw the television remote truck parked outside and wondered what was happening. Thanks for filling us in!

  2. 12 FBI agents involving the theft of satellite television signals or intercepting TV signals. So hacking into Direct TV, or something like that. Thankfully, there is no public threat.

  3. Seems like they make cases like this every seven or eight years or so. Some rings are pretty widespread and there’s money in it.

  4. I’ll bet all our resident embezzlers, Ponzi scammers, and fraudsters were breathing a sigh of relief after the FBI left town yesterday!

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