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Lafayette Police Detain Three At Gunpoint On Mt. Diablo Boulevard Monday

Photo: Becky Hughes

Lafayette police, alerted by a hit on an Automated License Plate Reader (ALPR), homed in on a white Ford truck on Moraga Road Monday – detaining two men and a woman at gunpoint as locals cruised past – gape jawed.

Photo: Beverly Peatross
Photo: Beverly Peatross

Officers began searching for the vehicle after the automated license plate scanner returned a positive hit for the white Ford truck near Moraga Road and Mt. Diablo Boulevard around 10:35 a.m.

After several minutes of searching officers spotted the vehicle and fell in behind it, ordering the occupants – one of whom was from San Leandro with two others giving addresses in Oakland – out of the vehicle and detaining them at gunpoint.

The trio was booked for auto theft at the Martinez Detention Facility. No one was injured in the incident.

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    • Good morning! Apparently the whole vehicle was stolen… just happened, police still working on it. Photos up on the site.

  1. Interesting vehicle to steal, and I’ve owned some “interesting” vehicles over the years! There’s likely more to this story!

    • You eagle-eyed readers… Yep, nondescript delivery-type vehicle, very commonly seen on our streets, able to haul big things!

  2. Wow. Got your flash alert while talking with people in that area, went outside and saw most of it as it happened. You guys are so dang fast!

  3. My husband saw a Lafayette motorcycle officer, hand on holstered gun and an Orinda officer, gun out, at the Wells Fargo around 12:15. He kept driving.

    • “Keep driving” – always a good tactic! Those motorcycle guys have to feel a trifle exposed coming up on something like this… all’s well that ends well.

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