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Second Wave Of Backyard Burglars Target Homes In Lafayette Monday

Photo: Lafayette PD

For the second time in four days a hard-working burglar or crew of burglars has smashed their way into Lafayette homes, carting off anything of value and, in one instance, dragging a safe out of the residence before abandoning it and its contents in the owner’s backyard.

Lafayette police, who reported a similar flurry of break-ins in their city the preceding Friday, expressed concern over the persistence shown by the thief or thieves who appear to be at work in the 24/680 – and who seem unperturbed by all but the noisiest detection systems.

Investigators said access to both homes hit on Monday – one in the 3300 block of Las Huertas Rd. and the second in the 3100 block of Stanley Blvd. – was made through unlocked side yard gates and then by breaking glass doors at the rear of the targeted residence.

“We have seen an increase in the number of residents who have affixed their gates with wired gate openers,” investigators said. “These make it easier for burglars to gain access to the rear of your home – not a good prevention technique… The purpose of locking the gate is to force the burglar to climb the fence. When they do this, they significantly increase the probability of detection by a neighbor.”

Police said one of the homes did have a home alarm that sounded and apparently deterred the intruder, who left with less than $10.00 in property.

“The alarm sounded loudly inside the home, which is likely what scared the suspects from the home,” police wrote.

The second homeowner was not as lucky, according to investigators, reporting that the home had been ransacked and that various items of electronics and jewelry had been stolen. A safe that had been in the bedroom of the home was found in the rear yard, its contents strewn across the property.

Investigators said the last occupant of the residence left the home at 1 p.m. with the burglary occurring between 1 p.m. and 3:39 p.m.

Police said these incidents were, as in Friday’s flurry, likely committed by the same suspect(s). Residents with camera systems in the area of these locations are asked to check their surveillance systems for images of the suspects or their vehicle(s).

Residents who may have information that may aid investigators are asked to email the LPD tip line (94549Tip@gmail.com) or telephone their dispatch center at (925) 284-5010.


  1. There is definitely a crew working the 24/680 corridor. There are 2056 hits on this article that is dated today… 3/2/2016. Which means people are CONCERNED. Lets turn that same concern and do EVERYTHING we can to be as vigilant as possible, and keep these guys out of our homes, and in the hands of law enforcement. Where they belong…

  2. Agree with Danielle. These people are unafraid and consider us soft targets. Their method will increase the chance of confrontation and potential for an encounter between the thief or thieves and residents or their children. We do need to be more watchfull.

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