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Teacher, Lafayette Resident Charged With Possession, Distribution Of Child Pornography Monday

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A Lafayette man and private school teacher was formally charged Monday with possessing and distributing child pornography, after allegedly trying to outrun and dispose of a computer when a police search team entered his Bickerstaff Road residence Feb. 18.

David Prashker, 60, was arrested after allegedly trying to throw a laptop computer from the second floor bedroom of his residence and into the backyard. Investigators recovered the device and a forensic analysis revealed evidence of child pornography on its hard drive.

Prashker allegedly attempted to evade investigators from the Contra Costa Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force who arrived at his home in the 3600 block of Bickerstaff Rd. Feb. 18, running to the rear of the residence and allegedly jettisoning the computer.

The incident and execution of the warrant was witnessed by at least two NEWS24/680 readers, who reported the activity at the Bickerstaff address that day.

Prashker, a teacher and school administrator for 30 years was arrested and booked at the Martinez Detention Facility prior to his appearance before Judge Cheryl Mills on Tuesday. The educator denied the charges against him and his attorney asked that he be released as the accusations did not involve actual contact with children.

Prashker’s bail was set at $205,000. If convicted, he faces a maximum penalty of 44 months in prison and fines.

Investigators said the Lafayette resident has held teaching positions in Toronto, Canada; London, England; and Miami, Florida and most recently has been employed as a substitute teacher at two private schools in central Contra Costa County.

The administrations of both schools have been notified, police said, and there is no evidence at this point that Mr. Prashker engaged in any crimes involving the students of either school.


  1. Was he aiming for the pool? I’m so sick of pedophiles. I don’t think they’re “born that way,” nor do I believe they’re actually sexually attracted to children. I believe it’s power and control, and dehumanization. Similar to rape, but involving children and not adults. If they’re actually “attracted to children,” then why are most pedophiles men and not equally divided between men and women? And why are some child molesters claiming they were molested as a child (and maybe they were)? It’s not like they “became attracted to children” after the fact. I believe they’re reliving their trauma by traumatizing others. Whatever is going on, they’re all sick and evil, and need to be put away for life for the protection of our children. Next time I’ll tell you how I really feel…

    • Hey, this was an honest post, you didn’t violate any of the cardinal sins of the Internet (cussin’, threatening, etc.) so you’re good to go. The email account is smoking… apparently a couple of readers saw this warrant go down, but we couldn’t confirm any info because the locals were – obviously now we see – preparing their case. Thanks for writing…

    • We believed you. And you weren’t the only one. But the police were protecting their case as expected. We found out today what was going on.

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