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One Killed In Walnut Creek Shooting Thursday


One person was shot and killed in Walnut Creek Thursday, police checking a white car that came to rest on a sidewalk in the area of Ygnacio Valley Road and N. California Boulevard shortly after shots were reported at 10:55 p.m. and discovering a body inside.

Initial details were sparse due to the hour but it appears the gunfire may have taken place car to car, with officers looking for a dark-colored luxury vehicle with out of state plates and damage possibly caused by a collision between the cars.

The Walnut Creek Police Department confirmed our information in a release issued around noon Friday:

The Walnut Creek Police Department is investigating a homicide that occurred on June 17, 2021 on North California Boulevard near the intersection of Ygnacio Valley Road. Police received a 911 call at 10:56 p.m. reporting multiple gun shots heard in the area. When officers arrived they found the victim in his vehicle with a gunshot wound. Contra Costa County Fire Protection District responded and pronounced the victim deceased.

Investigators identified a vehicle that was involved in the shooting and tracked it to a residence in Martinez. A search warrant for the residence was obtained and the Central County SWAT Team responded to assist with the service of the warrant. An arrest has been made but the investigation is still active and only limited information can be released at this time.

The victim is a 25-year-old resident of Vallejo. The relationship between the involved parties is currently unknown.

If anyone has information regarding this incident please call Detective Gerstner at 925-256-3578.


  1. If there is a Klaatu, he sees all of this shit. Weapons are not for self defense! They are to oppress! To steal and maim and kill.

    • You are an Idiot! Guns and Rifles are for Hunting, Self Defense, and Sports Shooting. The only reason this is happening right here in Walnut Creek and Bay Area is Simple. The Liberal Democratic Leadership that has ALLOWED it. How you ask? Oh well let me retort!

      1 – Open borders to Transients across the Nation. Crime Spike

      2 – Open Borders to Immigrants Exhausting Tax Paying Services. Crime Spike

      3 – Loose Criminal Punishment giving criminals misdemeanors when Felonies are in order.
      Crime Spike

      4 – Allowing BLM and Antifa Morons to destroy entire cities sending a message to criminals that it’s ok to destroy and loot. Crime Spike

      5 – Liberal Democratic support to Defund the Police. This has got to be the biggest idiotic idea Americans have witnessed this Century. Crime Spike.

      If you look at San Francisco and how disgusting downtown has become full of human Feces, Drug Needles, homeless camps in the middle of a side walk desperate people will do desperate things. Guess what Crime Spike.

      You want to Get Rid of crimes like these well that can be as simple as:

      1 – Send all these transients back to their home states and take the California born only homeless and create a housing solution with job opportunities.

      2 – Resume strict border Patrol and only allow immigrants that have gone through the due process that can speak English to enter our country.

      3 – Increase Crime Punishment and hold all crimes to Zero Tolerance with Jail time. This will discourage criminals.

      4 – Double Police Funding and place more Beat Cops on the Streets. Vigilance is key to catching these crimes in the act.

      5 – Physically Clean Up the entire state and give it a face lift instead of seeing garbage and homeless camps at every freeway overpass and exits let’s see clean landscaping and wildlife. Police all areas that can possibly invite homeless. If People see a clean state then it would be discouraging to liter and disrespect public areas. Locals should also be vigilant and speak up when you see people littering and loitering.

      6 – Ramp up Police detective teams and target the Street drug dealers, Massage Parlors, and Known thieves with multiple offenses. These Crimes should all be Felonies with 10 plus years in Maximum Security Prisons.

      The Crimes we see today are a reflection of Piss Poor Liberal Democratic Leadership.

      California needs a New Regime with Self Respect that cares about the hard working tax payers and the Image of this Beautiful Sunshine State.

      • A few minor points:

        2 – Open Borders to [Illegal] Immigrants Exhausting Tax Paying Services. Crime Spike

        6 – the recent Democrat kombaya legislation which made theft of under $900 essentially not enforced. Look at CVS videos of thieves on bikes taking out trash bags of goods. Multiple CVS SF locations close.

        7. Mexican drug cartels bringing in hard, cheap drugs.

        • Agree that we’re getting hit HARD by petty thieves and I do feel really bad for the small business owner who is getting the worst of it. As for drugs I think we can look a little closer to home with our pharmaceutical companies largely responsible for our out of control opioid crisis and “doctors” taking the place of the street corner drug peddler.

    • How about murder rates up 50 – 100% in major cities after Antifa & BLM were allowed by our DOJ & FBI to riot, loot, and kill for months on end with few arrests?

      Reporter Andy Ngo says Antifa is only 100 strong in Portland. Hundreds of nights rioting and mayhem, and ZERO convictions?

          • In what capacity was Antifa involved in last night’s Walnut Creek incident?

            Is Antifa even real?

            Where is Antifa’s headquarters?

            Where is Antifa incorporated and domiciled?

            Who specifically makes executive decisions with respect to Antfia’s activities?

            How does Antifa generate revenue?
            What is Antifa’s operating budget?

      • Come on Mark – this whole deliberate cognitive disconnect thing has been called out for what it is, a ploy by loser conservatives trying to steer a discourse their way. It worked for a while because a large number of Americans didn’t know any better but it has been identified and it’s boring. Antifa did not lead the assault on the capitol building and we all know who did. Antifa had no more to do with this case in Walnut Creek than my aunt Sadie. You know that but you’re still giving it the old fake news try. Give it a rest. Many of us would like to move on.

        • Campo Cougar, I’m not sure why you’re coddling a violent Marxist organization who killed two young black men in Portland (Chaz), obstructed the investigations, and severely beat brave reporter Andy Ngo, who suffered brain and body injuries. On top of many other violent crimes.

          I have friends who have visited downtown Portland and they say it’s a war zone. Three fourths of the state wants to secede and join Idaho! (Mr. Ngo claims a Poryland oddity makes the mayor also chief of police.)

          Both Antifa & BLM ravaged our country for over 8 months with deaths pushing 100.

  2. It’s the soft on crime attitude of the local DA and elected city councils, the police are handcuffed and the criminals know it. Luck for you 108RS is 10-8. 108RS

    • So very true!
      I just wonder if the shooter was one of the recent inmate releases out of prison. They’re being dumped out into the public.
      Crime is dramatically increasing, yet people still support this ‘no punishment anymore because it’s not fair’ type of philosophy. What’s going on now is unfair to the innocent public!

      • Good points Greg. Last I looked, the murder rate in Oakland is double the previous year. The only major drivers I can guess at are 1) overboard Lockdowns (unemployment, stress, idle hands), 2) Antifa / BLM riots / violence, 3) Liberal soft-on-crime enforcement changes, and 4) the early release of convicted criminals.

        Two anecdotes. A friend is a police officer in the Tri Valley area, 2 weeks ago they arrested a violent criminal hours after release from Santa Rita. Not the first time.

        Second, a young rapper was killed in the Tri Valley area recently. The rapper identified his killer while dying, which is now admissible in court. (There was a love triangle.) The AAlameda DA chose not to bring charges.

    • Has DA Benton declined to prosecute in a case where the police presented prima fascia evidence that a suspect fatally shot another human without justification? (If so, please share the details of any such cases.)

      If she has not declined to prosecute a fatal shooting suspect when presented with colorable evidence ( and she has not done so), how exactly is she “soft on crime” in a way that’s relevant here?

    • For anything of interest to an investigator, Alex, but in this instance you’re probably right… shell casings or live rounds found.

  3. Thank you for giving us this info. The story of a murder in Walnut Creek is buried deep on other news outlets websites.

  4. Not happy that the event is being buried; this further tarnishes trust in the local authorities and city leadership. Not happy at all with what is becoming of Walnut Creek. Used to be an elegantly lovely, quiet and cozy town until the developers and booze purveyors took over.
    And, it looks like the Claycord trolls have discovered this news outlet. Hashtag disappointing.

    • Hank – just so you know, we’re allowing clearly off-topic commentary and the odd insult to prove a point: that these stances exist. Many people have sterilized views of life here and we wanted to show that alternative, unpopular views exist here. You’ll be seeing less of them as we “take the stick” again and moderate our site the way we always have. Thanks for writing.

  5. Definitely some new voices…confident in what they “know” from secret whisperers. People will get hurt as on Jan 6. The crazy talk from planet QAnon is not harmless. Ask the good people of Comet Ping Pong Pizza, et al.

  6. Extremely shocking and not at all what you come to expect living here. Pleased to hear police were able to put the puzzle together quickly. I hope a mans life was not taken over a trivial matter.

  7. Any witnesses??? There were a lot of people out last night. We ate downtown and were heading home long before this happened but it’s a busy area.

  8. I think that all we know about this specific crime is the time, location, someone/people don’t give a shit about life or the effect their actions have on the lives of everyone involved, near or far. Also, someone died. And some new info at the time I put this out (an arrest).

    Some of the above I agree with 99%, some not at all.

    What I do believe is, by the time this comes to trial it will pretty much be forgotten by all ten of us.

    There is simply way too much mayhem, then hype, aimed at getting clicks. I liked life more when it was difficult to text.

    Great luck to you.

    • Well, that depends, doesn’t it? Officer Hall was arraigned this month for a 2018 killing, just weeks after his 2021 killing. That’s a little longer than 48 hours, but not all killers are treated equally under the law.

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